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IM Kona '16: Day 10

The day has finally come! It's the day before THE Ironman World Championship. I can't believe how quickly this week went by and now we only have one more sleep to go before 2000+ athletes from around the world compete for 140.6 miles on the big island of Kona.  After a great night of sleep, I woke up around 6am. After Karel got up, shortly after, we enjoyed some coffee on our patio as we shared some oversized Trimarni pre-workout pancakes that I made while the coffee was brewing. Around 7:20am, Karel went out for his pre-race workout (ocean swim + ride) while I finished up some work on the computer. Before my morning workout (which was a mini triathlon), I made a buffet of food for Karel to enjoy when he returned home from his workout.  Waffles, scrambled eggs w/ tomatoes and cheese, yogurt w/ smashed mango, fruit fruit and oatmeal.  As for my morning, my workout included a 25-minute swim, 75-minute bike, 40 minute run. My plan was to swim, bike, run but it was all