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Some thoughts of mine....

It's pretty obvious that I think Karel is amazing. He is so strong on the bike and he puts up with me :) Karel was unable to ride in the am due to rain so he jumped on the trainer in the evening. I sat on the couch as Karel did his workout and we both watched the Tour '06 for motivation. Karel absolutely hates riding his trainer so he is usually braving all kinds of weather conditions to not miss his workout. As for the rain, we both feel that starting a workout in the rain isn't a safe idea. However, if it rains during a workout, I just feel like a little kid riding my bike in the rain. Because of my evening classes and busy Monday through Wednesday schedule, I've been in need of a little extra sleep and "sleeping in" on mon, tues and thurs. Wed I have to get up at 4:40 to go and teach my spin class but tues and thurs I have found it really hard to be productive after waking up at 4:40am for a morning swim. If I have an extra hour in the morning, I'd rath

Did you hear the news?

FDA Issues Documents on the Safety of Food from Animal Clones Agency Concludes that Meat and Milk from Clones of Cattle, Swine, and Goats, and the Offspring of All Clones, are as Safe to Eat as Food from Conventionally Bred Animals Hummmm, makes me think about the food I eat....and thankfully don't eat. I really try hard to eat natural and fresh food. I don't do 100% for a few reasons. I feel fruits (with eatable outsides), most veggies and meats should be organic. However, I don't have a high enough disposable income to invest in all organic products. I look for organic brands whenever possible (especially peanut butter, which has hardly any ingredients) but I always look for foods which have to be refrigerated. Karel and I have a shelf which holds all our processed/boxed foods. We always have Oats, instant oatmeal (Weight Watchers Quakers, my favorite), nuts, dark chocolate (Karel would kill me if I didn't let him