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Chapters of life

I believe that there are many chapters in life. From the day we arrive on earth until the day we pass away, we welcome experiences and fill our life with memories and momentous times. Of course, with the happy time come the not so wonderful times. It's all part of life. There are times that are sad, times that are stressful and instances which we hope to never repeat. Moving on and welcoming change is always a work in progress. But it isn't until we experience the sad times that we really learn to appreciate all of the wonderful things in life, things that we may even overlook on a daily basis. Do you ever smile when you think about how wonderful it feels to be alive? To breath, to walk and to talk? To travel, to share moments with loved ones, to catch up with friends and to help others? Life is absolutely amazing and I believe in experiencing it to the fullest. I recently closed a chapter in my life. Although I still have 29 more weeks until I am eligible to sit for the Regis

Tuna and Un-Tuna salad sandwiches - Creations

I love making my own spin-off's of favorite pre-made dishes. I think the hardest part of making things at home is always comparing your food to a pre-made alternative. However, the best part of making things at home is that you are in control of the ingredients and preparation. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing exactly what you are putting into your body to fuel your athletic and daily lifestyle. My preceptor passed along a recipe to me from an organic produce email and I was super excited to make the recipe. A few days went by and I forgot about the recipe but thankfully, my preceptor made the un-tuna and brought it to Hospice while I was interning. I love our lunches together because we always talk 'recipes' and she happened to have the un-tuna with her. It was delicious!!! I decided to make my own version at home because I didn't have all of the ingredients. However, I managed to make a tuna version for Karel at the same time I was making my un-tuna. I ho

Nutritional insurance

I hear a lot of chatter about supplements, especially multivitamins. I am a firm believer in "food is your medicine". However, our active lifestyles, alongside the ever-changing food industry, make it quite challenging when it comes to meeting our individual vitamin and mineral recommendations. Supplements and multi's are NOT replacements for real food. I believe that you start with the diet and then supplement depending on what you may be lacking. Often, it is hard to know if we are lacking in any specific nutrient. Because we put our bodies under stress on a daily basis (athlete or fitness enthusiast) I think it is a great idea to add a multivitamin to your daily routine. I hope you enjoy my latest article from the FREE Iron Girl newsletter! Nutritional Insurance for your Athletic Lifestyle Fast-paced lifestyles, catchy company slogans and inadequate meal planning have left a large portion of our population relying on convenience foods for many, if not all, daily meals

10 min stove top dinner - Creations

We are all pressed for time. Some days, I'd rather go for a long walk with Campy instead of cooking. However, there is nothing more wonderful than having a home cooked meal with Karel and knowing exactly what we are putting in our bodies. One of my number one suggestions of preparing a wholesome meal is to not go into the meal prep, starving. I typically have a small snack before I start cooking my meal (veggies, nuts, fruit, yogurt, milk, cheese, peanut butter) so that I can cook/prepare dinner around one to two hours before I plan on eating with Karel. By cooking the meal ahead of time, I find myself with plenty of time to get to my to-do's before dinner.....actually, Campy takes priority and we LOVE our evening walks together. Since Karel doesn't get off work until 7 (which puts him home around 7;20 or 7:30) there is no way my body will let me go all afternoon (even including a mid afternoon snack) without food. Because I do not feel comfortable preparing a wholesome me

TAPER the context of sports, refers to the practice of reducing, or tapering off, exercise in the days just before an important competition. For an Ironman, I taper for 2 whole weeks! It's crazy because the next 2 weeks will go by super fast whereas in a 3-week build, those last 2 weeks seem to take forever before a well-needed recovery week. I can't believe in 2 weeks from yesterday I will be in Madison Wisconsin for my 4th Ironman! I can't say it enough....the human body is absolutely amazing. Before my very first Ironman in 2006 (IMFL) my #1 concern was my heart. My parents had no idea what crazy sport I had gotten myself into and although the distances didn't scare me, I was wondering "how is my heart going to beat for that long of a time". I seems kinda silly to me know to think that my heart would not be able to support 140.6 miles of "racing" but in all actuality, it is just amazing what the body does on an IM race day in an effort to cover 2