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Thanksgiving creations

I hope everyone had a wonderful day of giving thanks and the rest of 2013 brings happiness, love, more memories, movement with your awesome body and lots of yummy eats. For everyone who was worried about Campy after Karel shared some pictures on Facebook, from Campy's vet appointment on Wednesday, Campy is doing great. Thank you for your kind words for our furry child! Campy has an on/off ear issue inside his left ear and I really like my mom's vet, Dr. Griffin , who Campy saw in September for his ear. Campy's ear has been much better after Dr. Griffin treated him a few months ago, so we decided to get another check-up since Campy still gets a bit sensitive with his ear. Sadly, Campy had to get a little sedation for his treatment because Dr. Griffin had to get deep inside his ear. Campy was not his normal self that evening but not to worry..... After a good night of rest, he was back to his opinionated,

Happy Thanksgiving (20 tips)!!!!

First off, Karel, Campy and I would like to wish everyone (near and far) a very special Thanksgiving! Hopefully you have lots and lots to be thankful for this year! I guess it's assumed that as a dietitian, I should write a blog about  "how to eat Healthy on Thanksgiving." All day I have thinking about what dietitian-friendly blog I should write before our society enjoys the Thanksgiving feast. But as much as I love my "RD" title to help our society be "healthy", it's more important to me (as a coach, dietitian, exercise physiologist and endurance triathlete) to maintain consistency with my philosophy on how we should be eating - for fuel, for health and for pleasure and to spend less time giving rules for eating or talking about fad diets, especially when our society thinks they need a "quick fix." And thus, my passion continues to help others learn how to develop and maintain a healthy relationship with food, all

Pomegranate creations and his/her interval run workouts

It takes a strong athlete to train hard, but a stronger athlete to accept weaknesses in the body.  Karel has been having a lot of fun (and when I say fun, I mean "oh, I feel it!") with our transition plan as we build a resilient body to prepare ourselves for the upcoming season. I just love Karel's face when I show him a hip/glute/core exercise or circuit and he looks at me like "that's not that hard" and then I get to see his face as he is performing the exercise. I just love seeing Karel suffer with my "fun" hip/core/glute work because there's been plenty of times that he has made me have "fun" and suffer by telling me to "just sit on my wheel." For our interval runs this morning, we each went out to do our own thing, specific to our own fitness level at this phase in our transition plan. Also, at this time, most of our main sets for running are around 20-30 minutes.  "His" workout: Main set: 4 x

Recipe - Stuffed shells

Every since I was young, I loved my mom's stuffed shells recipe.  Shells - cooked to al dente in large pot Marinara sauce - for topping Mozzarella cheese - for topping Stuffing - firm tofu (container) mixed in a bowl w/ 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese and spices, like basil and oregano and 1 egg.  Stuff the shells and top with spoonfuls of marinara sauce and top with the cheese and cook in microwave safe dish (in microwave) for 3-5 minutes or until shells were warm.  Talk about a yummy and quick dish! My mom told me that back in the early 90's, she would have a hard time to find tofu so she would have to go to a specialty store where she could find Asian cuisines.  Despite choosing to be a vegetarian when I was 10 for animal reasons, I didn't see this dish as "vegetarian". I didn't even know much about tofu until I was in my 20's to fully appreciate the many plant based proteins that I could eat in my "meat free"