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Excellent mental tips from Dr. G!

I can't believe that it was almost a year ago when I was heading to the Big Island of Kona for my third Ironman World Championship!! My mental coach and BFF Gloria met me on the island and we spent the next 10 days together in complete island happiness. It was one amazing experience filled with laughs, love, positivity, inspiration and gratefulness.  Since our jobs revolve around working with athletes, Gloria and I both made good use of our time in Kona by creating a series of videos (mental tips from Gloria and nutrition tips from me) to help out other athletes. We wanted to provide tips that would make athletes of all levels feel more comfortable and confident before and during important races.  Gloria, as a licensed sport psychologist always provides the best other words, she can think logically when we (as athletes) can not. She speaks with a big heart and without a rollercoaster of emotions inside her mind/body (like us athletes sometimes). Gloria just put

Why YOU train... inspiration/motivation coming at ya!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 228 amazing, inspiring, motivating female endurance athletes have completed my Female Endurance Survey that I shared 2 days ago.  I have learned so much from your responses and I am really looking forward to presenting some interesting findings at the Women's Fitness Summit   and to eventually share on my blog and via presentations to women's tri/running groups. You all gave so much fantastic feedback for me as a RD who specializes in sport nutrition. I believe that the info you provided is not only helpful for me since my main focus is on fueling the endurance athlete's body as well as learning to eat for fuel and for healthy AND developing a healthy relationship with food and the body BUT to share with other sport nutrition professionals. I also hope that I connect with the many sport nutrition companies out there so they can better understand how female athletes think about their body, fuel their body and choose/tolerate n

Spectator advice for races

Cheering on Karel at 2012 Rev3 Venice 5 months earlier, cheering on Karel at the 2012 Athens Twilight Pro crit race For the past 8 years (since we met), Karel and I have spent many of weekends on triathlon, running and cycling race courses. For the first 6 years of our life together, I felt we make a great team because we both shared a similar active lifestyle with different sport passions. Our athletic passions merged together in 2012 when I started to love riding my bike more and more and Karel was beginning to swim and run, in order to turn himself into a triathlete.  Although this past year (2014), we raced together at every race (except Clermont Olympic distance in March), we are currently putting together our 2015 racing schedule and we will not be racing together at every race. We both have different strategies as to how to best utilize our racing season as we both gear up for 2015 Ironman World Championship. Additionally, we will continue to spectate our Trim

Happy Birthday to Karel!!

Sending a big Trimarni birthday shout-out to my amazing hubby Karel!!! Here are a few fun facts about Karel:  -Karel's first language is Czech (and he has a nice accent to prove it) -Karel eats bread and chocolate.....daily.  -Karel has an espresso in the morning as he waits for the coffee to brew. Karel loves (good) coffee. -Karel has a cat that understands Czech because she was the women in Karel's life before he met me.  -Karel and I were set-up on a bike ride in May 2006. I stood him up for 3 weeks because I was afraid to do the group ride.  -Karel loves beer....IPA to be specific.  -Karel eats meat but rarely red meat (on occasion). He is a great eater and Trimarni creation tester...he will eat anything, even tofu. He loves wings.  -Did I mention Karel loves beer, coffee, chocolate and bread?  -Karel is a cat 1 cyclist (loved crit races) and has raced bikes all his life, especially while growing up in Czech. He has finished the Pro