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As I sit here drinking my cofee, I thought I'd post a new article I wrote. Before you rush out the door and think about what to have for breakfast, enjoy the following article which is found on (train section). *And fella's, you can read this article and have the same meals :) Breakfast for EVERY Woman By Marni Rakes, M.S., CISSN Feeling rushed in the morning? Do you find it hard to wake up early for a morning workout, get your kids out the door on time and squeeze in a filling, nutritious meal after hitting the snooze button one too many times? While breakfast might be the last thing on your mind as you dash out the door, it is important that a morning meal has a place in your routine. For many individuals, consuming large late-night dinners, or many calorie-rich evening snacks, reduces the urge to eat upon waking. Likewise, eating dinner within an hour or two before bedtime may cause poor absorption of food and a restless night of sleeping. Avoid waking up to a f

School is out for the Summer!!

Before I talk about my freedom from my books, I'll talk about interval tuesday and my wed workout. Tuesday morning was great. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see all my buddies at SwimFit at the Palm Harbor Y so I rolled out of bed at 4:40am (haven't seen that time for a workout in a LONG time!) and headed to the Y. I was shocked that the Y was completely remodeled since I had been there in May but I still had lots of great memories from my swim team and interval tuesdays. The swim started at 530am and we did a lot of drill sets of 50's. We finished at 6:30am with 2500 yards and I headed to the treadmill. Tony and Barb joined me on the treadmill as well as Joyce, who didn't plan on participating in my set. What troopers! We were all up for the challenge and with the Olympic distance tri at the end of the month I want to keep my speed training but work on the endurance. Here's the set: Warm-up: 10 min at 7.6mph Pick ups: 45 sec at 8.5mph, 15 sec recovery Ma

New VIDEO!!!

Visit to learn how to pack a bike in a bike case!!! *A big thanks to Kate's FELT. She left her bike in Karel's hands for a few days so we thought we'd make a video of packing up the bike! *And a big thanks to Karel for sharing his smartness in the area of bikes and everything that has to do with cycling :) Bike Case Video

50 million bazillion things

That is how much I have to do this week, including what has already been done since Saturday. This is my last week of summer school...THANK GOODNESS! I can't take anymore. I love school and my dietetic program but I think I will go crazy if I have to do another assignment, take another exam or do another group project...all on the Internet! The online school is great for managing my time and studying but it requires a lot of time, discipline and commitment. Sometimes I fail and I have a late night of trying to cram in some studying or finishing an assignment but for the most part I am just trying to stay calm with everything and get stuff done on time. After the race on sat there was no time to relax. I rushed home (1 hour drive), showered (I was covered in fire ant bites and mosquito bites and 1 shower wasn't enough to get rid of the itchies) and get into the car for the cake tasting appointment. Karel and I have been looking forward to this for a while, not only because we ge