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Ready to Rock n' Roll!

                          There's something about this course that makes me feel accomplished when I cross the finish line. But despite the high I get when nearing the end of the race, over the past 4 years, I raced this race two times and both times I finished the race completely exhausted. What I love about this race is being able to focus on myself. There are qualifying slots to a world championships and there is nothing to prove to anyone with a finishing time. I will be racing in the open category with some stellar athletes...certainly, on paper these ladies are exceptionally talented. In real life, they shine with talent and I am so excited for them to challenge me and to help me reach my full potential. For on race day, I am out there to race my own race but having a little friendly competition doesn't hurt for me to realistically, test my limits. I will stay in my zone and stay focused on each task at hand. This course has no shortage of hills and the heat

30 years of memories

Wow....30 years have gone by and I have to admit....I feel great!! I've always been a positive person....ever since a young age. I always wanted to make sure everyone was always happy and I feel so uncomfortable with conflicts or around mean people. Realizing that age is just a number, I can honestly say that I don't feel 30 years "old" and I'm really happy about my life and who I am as a person. I think this is going to be a great year.  A new age group, a new number for my age and lots of exciting opportunities.....and I sure don't expect to slow my life down anytime soon. When I was born, my mom insisted that I was going to be a May baby and luckily, I came into this world with just a little time to spare on May 31st, 1982. If it wasn't for my amazing parents, I wouldn't be here today. They did an excellent job raising me and my brother and although they had their share of freak-outs during my teenage years, somehow I turned out ok and I bel

Recipes galore (Girls night in!) and dietetic award

Last week my amazingly awesome friend Laura had a few girls over for dinner. Laura is an amazing cook and she did not dissapoint. Laura and I both have dogs who are best friends so rather than paying each other for babysitting, we just "pay" each other with food. :) Laura is not only a mom, wife, great friend and amazing cook but she also is a RD, triathlete/runner and individual living with lupus nephritis. Laura often blog s about her highs and lows with lupus along with posting some of her yummy creations on her website . I am so excited to share these creations with you because they were soooo mouth-watering good. All fresh foods and no need for pulling food out of a box. Forget about reading food labels or trying to decide on the "healthiest" option.....we had an amazing evening with great food, strong and confident women and fun stories.......YUM! (to see original recipes and credit for the creations, hold your mouse over the title of each recipe) Toma

Czech inspired, Yummy-licious Rhubarb muffins

Feeling super creative the other day, I came home from the grocery store with a new vegetable Rhubarb! Although many people may think of it as a fruit, since it is often used in pastries and pies, I was excited to search the web to get inspired for a new Trimarni creation. (you can learn more here  about this tart vegetable). When Karel opened the fridge later that evening, the first thing he said was "It's Rebarbora - I haven't had that in forever!!!" Speaking Czech-lish....Karel told me that Rebarbora (czech for rhubarb) reminded him of his mother's recipes, specifically her desserts. He was so excited for me to make something with it and that really made me happy. Sadly, many people in our society have such a bad relationship with food that stories are lost, memories are not shared and traditions are forgotten. We are told to be so overly obessed about calories, fat and carbs and often times, we forget the beauty that comes with home-cooked meals an