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Tuna salad!

I just got a question from one of my nutrition athletes and she told me she loves tuna salad. She wasn't sure if she should cut it out or if I could suggest a healthier option. Never eliminate food, substitute when you are trying to eat more healthy. Karel is also a fan of tuna salad as well as potato salad. Tuna salad seems healthy (fish right?) but it isn't until you add the mayo that the tuna salad becomes a fatty and calorie filled meal. You'd think the Tuna sub at a place like Subway would be healthy but with 530 calories and 31 grams of fat (1030mg sodium) for a 6 inch sub, you might think twice about how healthy tuna salad can really be. I love to eat and I love to cook. I love making my own versions of food from restaurants or that I see on the food network. It is sad that the foods which we could eat without any remorse (many years ago) are now foods which are high in calories, fat and sodium because Americans want more and food manufactures

Burger night!

I was overwhelmed with work yesterday. Nothing new. Two things in my life de-stress me: Training and cooking. Of course, spending time with karel will make me happy but I can't admit that I am always stress-free when I am with him (I'm sure he can attest to what I am like when I am stressed :0 I didn't work at the Trek store because I was busy, busy, busy with an overwhelming amount of nutrition consultations (not complaining!) so I made a quick trip .3 miles down the road to Food Lion to pick up a few groceries. Last night Karel and I had chickpea burgers. When I start the day everyday I think about what I am going to eat for all my meals. Breakfast is usually oatmeal but occasionally I will have a yummy-filled whey smoothie with dry cereal in it (get it, instead of cereal and milk I have smoothie and cereal..a lot more filling than 1 serving of cereal). Lunch is usually some carb (wrap, bread, veggies) with egg beaters. A staple to my diet...egg whites as often as I can e

Interval tuesday is BACK!

Ok, so I've been doing my intervals but my consistency of blogging about them hasn't been up to par. On mon morning I prepared for my talk by walking on the treadmill for 50 min and practicing my talk in my head. Then to the pool for a 1500 swim to think about my talk some more. Although I was nervous (as usual) the talk went great! After the talk last night at the trek store I was super motivated to train. There was around 23 people at the talk and the crowd asked some great questions. A lot of nutrition products (Hammer) were sold at a discount after the talk and I passed around my card. I received a number of emails this morning and I'm so glad that I impacted the people at my talk. There is nothing more that I love to do than to talk about nutrition and educate. I feel my take on nutrition is different from a lot of exercise physiologists and dietitians. I try to merge the physiology of the body with nutrition so that I can see food as fuel. The best part of the talk wa

Sports Nutrition Clinic!

NUTRITION CLINIC AT TREK STORE JULY 14 CERVELO SUMMER BLOW OUT SALE 15% off all nutrition products in the store!!! Trek Bicycle Store Mandarin, Florida presents: Nutrition Seminar by Marni Rakes, M.S. Master of Science- Exercise Physiology Certified Sports Nutritionist USAT Level-1 Coach Ironman World Championship Finisher Fueling for the long workouts July 14th at 7pm COME EARLY FOR YOUR FREE GIFT!!! I know you blog readers live far away...but if you are in town, please come!!! Maybe one day I will speak in your town!

Heavy legs

Karel and I are sore. Really sore. So sore, we had our whey protein, my blueberry and strawberry with chopped walnut pancakes, lots of water, fruit, brown rice and veggie mix (that Karel made), ice cream and more water....and we are still sore. But the pancakes tasted SOOOOO good, as usual :) Yesterday morning I left at 7am for my long run. I had a piece of toast with a little PB a few raisins and a little banana. I stick with oatmeal for my pre-ride workouts. When I have trouble getting out the door, like this morning, I try to think about the people that i am coaching. This morning I thought about kate's sis (kelley) who I am coaching for her first marathon. As of now she has only done 2 5K's but as of this morning, she did her first 1:50 run!!! I've been working with her for 9 weeks and from not ever having ran a race, she is doing amazing! So for me, 1 hour and 42 minutes, 12 miles....and a lot of soreness was just what I needed to do that morning. I finished my two fla