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Tri-race road-trip! What’s in my cooler?

Welcome to our life….. we are on the road again!  But this time it’s triple the fun because I get to train on the hills, I get to watch Karel and 6 of our Trimarni athletes race in the Clermont Olympic Distance Triathlon AND Campy gets to make memories with us! After a quick stop at the Jacksonville Running Company on Friday late afternoon (when Karel got finished with a RETUL fit and I got finished with my Oakley Women Facebook chat), we hit the road around 5pm, hoping to miss some Friday traffic in route to Clermont, Florida (just outside of Orlando). We arrived around 7:30pm and missed the traffic. YAY! I packed a cooler and bag full of yummy goodies for us to enjoy so once we arrived to our hotel (Clermont Days Inn and Suites – pet friendly) all we had to do was prep, eat and relax. When it comes to traveling for races, I prefer to bring as much Trimarni-friendly options as possible for it makes our trip a lot easier to have our food options within our cont

Diet Myth or Fact - carbs, dairy, spinach, gluten. My responses to your questions

Last Friday I held another all-day chat with Oakley Women on Facebook.  in honor of National Nutrition Month. The topic was " Myths and Truths about diet, exercise and health" Thank you for everyone for your great questions! Here are my responses below. Q.   What is your take on not eating carbohydrates for dinner and sticking to lean protein and veggies. In order to minimize calories before bedtime/less energy expenditure at night.   Breakfast being biggest meal and decreasing throughout the day based on training session timing. A.   great question. There's two ways that I like to see food - for fuel and for health. There many great nutrients found in food that we never want to restrict a healthy food for fear of calories. It is important to think about the nutrient s in food, throughout the entire day. Food for fuel means using the food that we eat to give us energy when we need it (or need to recover). If there is minimal working out in the eveni

25 tips to revamp your diet

Have you ever followed a diet plan before? I think it's disrespectful to the beautiful and amazing human body to assume that a mass of individuals can all follow the same plan for eating. There are certainly lifestyle practices that we have been told to follow for they have worked for large populations (who were studied/followed for decades) in terms or reducing risk for disease, maintaining a healthy body composition and improving quality of life.  But when it comes to revamping YOUR diet in order to help yourself meet personal performance/fitness, body composition and health goals, here are 25 of my tips that will help you discover exactly what style of eating works best for you.  1) Replace, don't eliminate. For every elimination food, find a heart-healthy replacement. 2) Prioritize a real food diet. 3) Drink more water, de-emphasize calorie/sugar-loaded drinks 4) Use more herbs and spices to flavor your food and boost your health 5) Be inspired by foo

Nutrition tips for EVERY lifestyle - including YOU!

I've worked with dozens and dozens of athletes and fitness enthusiasts for nutrition, sport nutrition and coaching.  The human body can be a bit complex but I find that when individuals focus only on themselves, it's much easier to make changes that are effective and long lasting.  When it comes to healthy eating or training for an event, there are often many roads to take to get to the same final destination. Many times, athletes and fitness enthusiasts struggle in a spot of slow progression because many changes being made are in response to a change/result from someone else.  There can be something powerful in having a role model or someone that inspires you to break habits to move yourself closer to your diet, health or fitness goals but if you find yourself being too focused on what everyone else is doing.  I have worked with a variety of active bodies. Nurses, dietitians, teachers, stay-at-home parents, CEO's, engineers, aerobics instructors, the retired

Perfect your morning eats - a balanced breakfast

Do you feel rushed in the morning? Do you find it hard to balance waking up early for a morning workout, get your kids (or yourself) out the door on time and squeeze in a filling, nutritious meal all before you have to be at work?  While breakfast might be the last thing on your mind as you dash out the door, it is important that a morning meal is emphasized in your morning routine.  For many individuals, consuming large late-night dinners, or many calorie-rich evening snacks, reduces the urge to eat upon waking.  I must also address the relationship with food/body that many people need to continue to work on for if you start your day feeling upset, frustrated or disappointed at your body or regret previous days of eating, it's very easy to wake up and take it out on your body by restricting food in the morning. This is not only unhealthy but also disadvantageous for setting yourself up for successful eating throughout the day. Also, athletes often overlook the benefit