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Unselfish ME time

Every morning, Monday through Friday, my alarm wakes me up at 5:45am. You probably have a similar routine. First thing in the morning, BEFORE my workout, I have my ME time. Even though I do not start my morning workout until 7-7:15am, I intentionally get up early so that I have at least an hour to myself before I train. No matter how tired I feel, I need that one hour. Even though my bed is cozy, I really look forward to me ME time. Seeing that I spend my entire day, every day, taking care of my coaching and nutrition athletes and Campy, I look forward to the opportunity to do something in the morning that makes ME feel good. I feel it is important for everyone to have ME time everyday. You will work, function, think, love and take care of others better if you give time to yourself. But ME time should be more than just carving out time for a workout each day. ME time should also include time to tune into your thoughts, goals, interests and emotions. ME

Avocado and Edamame salad

Do you ever make a dish, question whether or not it will be tasty and then find yourself non-stop yumming over it?  Earlier this week, I found myself doing just that.  Yumming with every single bite. I love it when that happens. This avocado edamame creation started before a bike-trainer workout on Tues evening. I often find myself preparing meals in the 30 minutes that I have to spare before an evening workout because prepping a meal and then waiting for it to cook  after a  workout isn't the most fun when you are hungry, tired and ready to eat. (plus, many times, a hungry and tired body isn't very good at making "healthy" post-workout food decisions). Because I had a very, very, very soft avocado, I wanted to do something with it besides smashing it up or chopping it on a salad. I decided to get creative in my kitchen with a big bowl and a few simple ingredients in my refrigerator and here is what I came up with.... I think you will yum over it

Dietary protein options - take your pick

We have all heard the question that starts the age-old vegetarian protein debate "Where do you get your protein from if you don't eat meat???" If adequate energy and an assortment of plant foods, rich in essential amino acids, are consumed throughout the day, physiologically processes shouldn’t be compromised in a plant-based diet.  For all athletes, diet variety and adequate energy consumption are both key to ensuring that your body stays in great health. This includes eating a variety of carbohydrates, protein and fat. Depending on your dietary protein choices, consider a variety of animal and/or plant protein sources in your daily diet as each protein source has more than just protein to offer to your body. Vegetarian athletes should make an extra effort to consume nutrients like calcium, iron, zinc, omega-3, vitamin D, B12 and niacin, particularly if the diet is lacking in food variety.  Understanding that many essential nutrients are required in

Are you eating enough protein?

(picture source) As an endurance athlete, you should not overlook the importance of protein in your diet. Sadly, in our society, we tend to go from one dietary extreme to another when it comes to eat this, don't eat that. Therefore, when one macronnutrient is heavily emphasized or de-emphasized, it's easy to overlook other important nutrients that are necessary to optimize health and athletic success. In the wake of some pretty extreme, unhealthy and unrealistic eating habits among endurance athletes, it's important for athletes to understand that a low energy and/or low carbohydrate diet is not healthy or performance enhancing. Certainly "low" can be defined differently among athletes and nutrition experts. Seeing that protein supports muscle and tissue growth, assists in immune system health, helps with tissue structure and supporting enzymatic reactions and fosters healthy endocrine functioning, without sufficient protein in your diet, your active bod

Where do you get your protein?

When it comes to a vegetarian diet, there are many critics who believe that meat consumption is a necessary part of a "healthy" diet.  In April, I will be celebrating  24 years of following a meat-free diet. I consider myself to be in great health as a female endurance triathlete but it took time to learn how I can make my vegetarian diet work for my active lifestyle. Clearly, my lacto-ovo vegetarian style of eating is not a fad. I love animals way too much to eat them. As a vegetarian athlete and dietitian, this puts me in a tough situation because it is easy to assume that because I do not eat meat, I will encourage other athletes to not eat meat. Well, Karel eats meat and fish...and vegetables, and fruit, and tofu, and tempeh and grains. I don't lecture Karel when he eats meat because meal time is a happy time for both of us. Thankfully, it wasn't a deal-breaker that I was a vegetarian when Karel and I started dating in 2006. Sadly, because much of