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Is your mind tricking you into feeling fat?

Have you ever noticed that on some days you feel healthy and strong and other days you feel fat? Interestingly, the feelings that you have toward your body may have very little to do with your actual body size. You may actually be at a very healthy weight, with a very healthy body composition, but feel "fat" and desire a change in body composition through dieting and/or exercise.  When it comes to self-image (the mental image that you have for yourself), it can fluctuate a lot from day to day or even minute to minute. If you are having an awesome day or workout, your perception of your body may be really good. You don't worry about what you eat and you carry on with your day with positivity and confidence. But if you had a bad day or workout or someone said something to you that made you feel less worthy, your self-image may get stuck into a negative setting, which makes you feel fat.  Sometimes your self-image can quickly change in an instant. For example, y

5 Lessons that travel has taught me

Home sweet home. It's so nice to be back home. While we haven't been home for more than 48 hours, we are already back to our daily routine of training, eating, working and of course, giving love to our furry crew. While our trip to Europe gave us lots of stress with our lost bikes, the trip home was not without stress. It was an exhausting 30+ hour trip home but we have our luggage and bikes and we made it home safely and in good health. Five weeks was a long time to be in another country but it was well-worth it. We never felt home-sick or had a "bad" day but we sure did miss our furry crew. Despite the time, energy and money that is required to travel to and from another country, I have learned so much from traveling and it enriches me greatly. Meeting new people, tasting new cuisines, seeing new sights and breathing the air in a new city can teach you a lot....if you are willing to step outside of your comfort zone. While most of us athletes love our/a rou

Challenge Prague Half Ironman - Race Report

It was the strangest feeling to not be rushed on race day morning. We set the alarm for 7:30am, even though we knew we would be up well before the alarm went off. After an ok night of sleep (we are really missing the AC!), we took our time getting out of bed as we had several hours until the race start. Around 8am we made our way downstairs to the hotel breakfast ( Hotel Merlin ) and enjoyed eating as much as we wanted without worrying about an upset tummy as we had plenty of time to digest our pre-race meal. I found myself eating much more than I would compared to a 7am race start which actually was a great thing as I knew that every extra bite of food was more energy for race day. I had a pastry, granola with milk, 2 hardboiled eggs with salt and a banana with peanut butter (I brought the PB which I purchased at the grocery store in Znojmo). Karel had a similar meal minus the banana w/ PB. We went back to our room and finished getting ready for the race - filling our bottles