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2016 Trimarni Clermont camp - day 2

It was an early start to training on Friday morning for day 2 of camp. We arrived to the 10-mile Clay Trail at 7am, before the sun came up. We timed it perfectly as we spent a good 15 minutes on our dynamic warm-ups after the 3-workout day on Thursday and when we started our warm-up, we ran into the sunrise.  The workout on the Clay Trail was our camp long run. Rather than having our athletes run for 90 minutes, we focused on a warm-up (30 minutes) and then the MS split into intervals with short rest. This is one of our favorite workouts as the time ticks away and you can find yourself keeping good form despite the planned fatigue as the set continues on for multiple rounds.  We require all our athletes to run with a hydration belt to get comfortable consuming sport drinks/water while running so I was not concerned about any of our athletes having a "bad' workout due to fatigue, dehydration, cramping or GI distress (yes - not one of our athletes has had GI distre

2016 Trimarni Clermont camp - day 1

After a busy day on Wednesday, it was finally time to start our training camp... not-so-bright, but humid and early in the morning. I was so lucky this year to find the perfect house for our campers - a Duplex just 1/2 mile from Waterfront Park (the race venue). We love the idea of having all of our campers stay together as it promotes teamwork and it gives everyone an opportunity to really get to know their teammates. Although we do not force staying in the team house, this year, all of our campers wanted to stay in the team house which just showed me how much our athletes love the friendships and memories that are built during camp. For the duplex rooming, the girls are upstairs and the boys are downstairs. We also have 3 athletes staying at the "coaches house". We tend to have two themes at our training camps - a lot of training (the obvious) and a lot of education. We try to not let one overpower the other as it's so beneficial for every Trimarni athlete/camper to

2016 Trimarni Clermont camp - pre-camp

Every year, Karel and I feel overwhelmed with all that goes into planning a training camp. But as soon as we see our campers, we get excited to have the opportunity to spend several days of one-on-one coaching with our campers. This year in Clermont, every camper is a Trimarni coaching athlete - either a one-on-one athlete or a performance team member (after purchasing a training plan, for only $50 a month extra they receive all team/sponsor discounts and benefits, access to our private Trimarni Team Facebook page and they receive detailed check-in educational emails every Monday). Every camper knows our philosophy for coaching and understands our training methodologies. However, as the sport of triathlon continues to evolve, the athletes who have been coached by us for more than a year (alongside the new athletes) are learning new skills, tips and information at our camps. Although we put a lot of attention and focus into our training plans, nothing can replace the immediate improvem