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Is breakfast the most important meal of the day?

  The Importance of Breakfast Where are my breakfast lovers at?  🙋‍♂️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏼 As the name suggests, breakfast (or the first meal after you wake in the morning) breaks the fasting period that occurred throughout the night.  Despite the many benefits of starting your day with a nutritious meal, I've heard many convincing reasons for skipping breakfast:  Not feeling hungry Not having time Wanting more sleep  Can't tolerate food first thing in the morning Desire to lose weight The rest of the family skips breakfast  Having nothing to prepare Poor appetite  Having nothing to eat  Having no one to prepare breakfast There's been a considerable amount of research to try to answer the question "Is breakfast the most important meal of the day?" and while the results are mixed, there are many noticeable benefits for starting your day with a meal.  Eating regular meals and snacks - starting with breakfast - allows for more opportunities throughout the day to provide your

How to boost your iron intake

With races approaching and training volume/intensity increasing, now is a great time to get your blood tested. I recommend comprehensive testing at the start of the year and routine blood testing on specific markers (ex. iron panel) every 3-6 months throughout your training cycle. Recognizing individual trends can help you better understand the role of your diet, training and lifestyle choices on your health. Iron deficiency anemia can be prevented and it's also very treatable. However, most athletes are not diagnosed until health and performance are severely compromised. At this point, it can take several months for the body to return to optimal health. Routine blood testing from companies like Athlete Blood Test can help you understand what's happening inside your body so that you can train and perform at your full capacity. While it's never too late to get tested, do yourself a big favor and don't wait until you are sick, injured, burnout, exhausted or struggling wit