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IM Kona '15: Day 2

4:45am - time to start the day! Although we woke up early without an alarm, it was a restful night with 8 hours of good sleep. The great part about waking up early here in Kona and being on Hawaiin time (6 hours behind EST) is being able to get some work done before the sun comes up. After a little bit of work on the computer, a phone call to an athlete and a pre-workout snack (and coffee), Karel and I were ready for our morning workout. We first started with a 45 minute very EZ spin on the run course so that Karel could see the out and back section on Ali'i drive and then we grabbed our run gear in the condo and dropped off our bikes and did a short dynamic warm-up in our parking lot. We walked to Ali'i drive and started our run.  We warmed up together (well kinda together - me running a bit behind Karel) with 30 minutes of running w/ 30 sec walk each mile. After the warm-up, we turned around and started the main set. MS: 4 x 5 min (desc 1-4) w/ 15 sec walk in bet

IM Kona '15 - Day 1

Aloha kakahiaka!! We didn't get much sleep during our first night in Kona so by 5am, with only 6 hours of sleep, we decided to get up and start the day. Around 6am, the ocean was in clear view from our balcony and Karel and I smiled as this was our view for the next 2 weeks.  Karel put together our bikes and then we made a trip to the grocery store (first SafeWay, then Walmart). The food is much more expensive here on the island compared to the states but with cooking our meals at our condo, we save a lot of money (versus a hotel room and eating out every meal, every day). After grocery shopping, it was time for breakfast so we ate a light breakfast around 9am and then headed to the pier for a swim.  The Ironman World Championship offers many iconic images that we often see on TV, DVDs, You Tube videos or in pictures. Words can't describe how cool it is to "be there" and experience it all first hand. Whether you are an athlete, volunteer or spectator, the at

IM Kona '15 - Travel day

I tried to not rush our IM Kona journey but somehow, it all seemed to happen so fast! Before we knew it, we were packing and packing and packing for our 2-week trip to Kona, Hawaii.  This past weekend was rainy and cool which made it easier to pack and also to get excited to head to the big island on Tues morning.  Karel packed up our bikes on Sunday and by Monday, we were gathering last minute items for our trip and making sure our house was ready for our departure.  I dropped off the cats with my mom on Monday afternoon but just couldn't part with Campy just yet. Karel and I needed one more sleep with our little nugget. On Tuesday morning, we woke up around 5:45am to give myself time to answer some emails before a full day of traveling and to pack-up the car. With Tuesday being a day off from working out for me and Karel, we took Campy on a long walk before we headed out at 7:30am to head to my mom's house. Sadly, Campy didn't know he was not go