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How I fuel - Triathlete feature

A few months ago, I saw an email in my inbox from my contact at Triathlete Magazine.  I assumed it was a request for an article so I opened it to see what topic I was asked to write about. Well, to my surprise, the email was to inform me that Triathlete magazine wanted to feature me in an article! I was shocked, surprised and honored. Although the article was just one page, I found it to be a fantastic opportunity to share my messages on how I fuel my body. In today's society, female athletes are bombarded with unrealistic body images and misleading nutrition advice. As an athlete, you can't let these images and misinformation derail you from achieving athletic excellence in your own personal athletic journey. As an athlete and as a nutrition professional (and coach), I want to be a good role model for female athletes of all ages. As a strong, confident and healthy female athlete, I aspire to encourage other female athletes to use sport as a healthy outlet to build conf

IM 70.3 St. George race report

1.2 mile swim Marni: 30.32 (3rd AG after the swim) Karel: 30.17 (4th AG after the swim) After the gun went off, I quickly went into my race effort to try to swim away from my wave. My feet were a little cold to start but they quickly warmed up (as did the rest of me). I could see a few yellow caps here and there but I didn't worry about anyone too much (especially the one girl who was quickly swimming away from me) as 1.2 miles is a long way to go and I typically find myself getting stronger as the swim goes on in distance. After a few minutes, I found myself in my swimming rhythm but that quickly changed as I now had to navigate through the 15 age group waves ahead of me. I am always mindful of the less experienced swimmers so I try to make sure to not be aggressive around them. I strategically positioned myself to the outside of the buoys to swim in relatively clean water but with every buoy that I passed (to my left) I found the lake to be more and more packed. With

IM 70.3 St. George race report: Pre-Race

                                   FRIDAY (Day before the race) On Friday morning, Karel, Peggy and I set out for a spin on the run course, while Meredith did her run warm-up for her relay. Because of the layout of the run course, we had several opportunity to wake-up our legs with the undulating terrain on the Red Hills Parkway. Although the run course was mostly all marked, we were a little confused by some of the out and back sections but nevertheless, we still saw enough to know that the run course was going to be one tough half marathon off the bike. But with the theme of the race, the views on the run course were spectacular. After the hour-ish spin, I went for a 20 min jog on the run course. With our rental home located only about 2 blocks from T2/finish, it was the perfect location to get anywhere by car, foot or bike. My run included a few pick-ups to get my legs ready for race day. Overall, I felt good but something inside me had me worried that I wasn

IM 70.3 St. George - quick recap

The human body is an amazing machine. I love to use my body. When I can use my body to conquer a challenging race course, I feel very strong and accomplished. I love this feeling. To me, this feeling makes me love and appreciate what my body can do and thus, I find myself continually invested in the process of being the best athlete that I can be, for as long as my body will let me do what I ask it to do in training and on race day. A challenging race course is not comfortable and it's not easy. You can't just wing it and hope for a good result. A challenging race course requires great physical and mental strength and resilience and the ability to adjust quickly to the many different scenarios that occur during the race. On a challenging race course, you can't predict what will happen during or at the end of the race. Thus, a challenging race course brings a deeper meaning to what it means to be "an athlete." It's easy to avoid challenging courses f