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Trimarni store - Beanies are in now in stock!

We are so excited to offer you another Trimarni gear item from our friends at  BOCO Gear . Trimarni BOCO Gear reversible mesh performance beanie. Yep, that's right. The beanies are reversible so you get two beanie designs for the price of one! This is a lightweight performance beanie that will move moisture away from your head, keeping you warm and comfortable throughout your workout. Reversible format based on your mood and color preferences Machine Washable 100% Acrylic We also upgraded our technical trucker hat which is now designed for training and racing.  With its wicking internal sweat and mesh side and back panels, it's breathable and functional.  We also have our visor in stock, which is a popular Trimarni gear item.  A highly desirable item for every athlete (and spectator). The Trimarni visor is light and comfortable. For individuals with small heads, this visor will fit you without falling down your forehead.  SPECIAL :  Orde

Finding your motivation - it's personal

We have all heard that motivation is the most significant predictor of success. High motivation brings preparation which brings results.  For many athletes, motivation is hard to find and hard to keep. While it's well known that motivation maintenance requires breaking habits and behavior patterns, motivation can also be an internal drive that promotes action.  Perhaps you have felt this drive a few months out from your key race when you suddenly feel the pressure to get more serious with your training and/or eating habits. Although it is great to feel this pressure to perform, it's important that you are able to put in the work, in the face of obstacles, fatigue, boredom, stress and distractions to do other things, all the time. In other words, your motivation to train in January, February and March should be just as strong as your motivation to train in May, June and July. If you have found yourself saying that you are motivated to train to reach performanc

Cheesy kale stuffed mushrooms

As a vegetarian, I just love the "meaty" texture of Portabella mushrooms. Plus, as an athlete, mushrooms offer a nice nutritional boost to the immune system while providing fiber, protein, copper, selenium, B2 and B5 along with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. For proper storage of mushrooms, keep them in your fridge in a loosely closed paper bag wrapped in a damp cloth. Try to keep your mushrooms from touching one another by layering the mushrooms on the damp cloth. This will help the mushrooms stay fresher for longer. When mushrooms become soggy with a slimy layer on top, they are no longer fully fresh. Since mushrooms are very porous, they will quickly absorb water and become soggy when cleaning them. The best way to clean mushrooms is with a mushroom brush and just a little water. When using the cap of the mushroom, remove the stem with your hands. Although mushrooms are great in sauces, on salads (raw) and as a side dish (sauteed), I really

Athlete spotlight: Gary Bonacorsi - 68 years "young" and not slowing down

Name :   Gary Bonacorsi Age:  68 City/State: Palm Harbor, Florida Primary sport : Triathlon How many years in the sport: 19 years What Trimarni services have you used:  Retul fit Training plan Group training camp Coaching (10 years as a Trimarni athlete) ----------------------------------------------------------------- Describe your athletic background and how you discovered your current sport? I wrestled in H.S. During my adult life, I have enjoyed racket ball, snow skiing, softball, strength work, bike riding, running 5K's, volleyball and swimming. After moving to Florida from Michigan in 1989, I soon realized how much more swimming, biking and running where available to me due to great weather. Friends saw my interests and invited to do the bike leg of a sprint triathlon in 1998. I completed the bike leg and knew I wanted and was able to complete the entire 3-part race so I signed up for my first sprint triathlon right after this

NEW for 2017 at!!

We are so excited to finally announce that is updated for 2017!! So what's new you ask? 1) Subscribe to our newsletter for effective tips (and recipes) to create healthy habits to achieve athletic excellence. Our newsletter will start mid January. 2) Our home page is easier to navigate.                         In addition to the tabs on the top of the website, you can use the home page to take you directly to the Trimarni service that will best fit your athletic needs. (As a reminder, our camps are filling up quickly so if you are interested in attending our Greenville skills, endurance or advanced camp, be sure to sign up soon .) 3. We have one main  NUTRITION SERVICES   page with 7 new Trimarni nutrition services. Each service provides a detailed description of the service and a contact page if you need help deciding which service is best for you. 2017 Trimarni Nutrition services include: - Baseline consult -  If your everyday nutriti