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A day that changed my life

I believe we all have moments in life that we feel are "life-changers". The special occasions of finding your true love, getting married, having children come to mind but then there are the moments where you land that big job that allows you to stop living paycheck to paycheck. Perhaps it was a trip abroad, breaking news from a family member or passing a big exam. I am sure many people reading this blog can relate to crossing their first multisport finish line or maybe learning a new skill. And sadly, there are the days when someone is given a diagnosis or bad news and everything in life seems to freeze at that moment in time. What's so great about life is that we have so many opportunities for these life-changers. It's not necessary to look for these life-changers because if you are working hard or are in the right place at the right time, great things will come. As for the not-so-great life changers, hopefully your quality of life has never been compromised up unt

I did it again!

Over the past few years, I have never lost sight of the habits I have created. Thus, with each habit came a greater appreciation for how I want to live my life. And with that, a great lifestyle has been born and I am soaking it up every single day. I realize I blog and write a lot about food but to me, food enhances my active lifestyle.....and we can't live without it! At the end of a busy day, I enjoy surprising Karel with a new Trimarni creation and hearing his yums, confirming the creation is blog worthy.  When my day is long and tiring at the hospital, I can't wait to get home and share some outdoor time with my happy and loving furry best friend Campy who gives me tons of energy every time I walk through the door. Back in December 2011, Karel tried vegetarianism and enjoyed it for almost 4 months..that is, until we started traveling more for his races and he was really struggling with food (and feeling satisfied) when eating on the road. Aside from whey prot

The Sumbal's will be racing together at.....

Karel and I met on a group bike rid in 2006, on my birthday. I was a newbie cyclist, barely able to ride 18mph without suffering. I had no skills on the bike and I was scared to ride with others. It was just a few weeks prior that I did  my first half ironan at Disney and I was 7 months away from my first Ironman. Karel came into my life and ever since then, we have shared some amazing memories on our bikes. If you read my blogs or know anything about Karel, he lives and breaths cycling. As the GM of the Trek store, Karel is the guru of anything and all things bikes and people in the community know that. Karel can disect even the smallest noise on group ride and fix it in a blink of an eye. He is just that good with bikes but also, being a perfectionist doesn't hurt him when it comes to perfecting his skills both on an off the bike. As we all know, Karel's fire burns for cycling and he has never stopped loving the bike since the age of 3. From the suffering to dail

Coaching tip: signing up for races

From the reports of bloggers and your training buddies, it's evident that we are in the midst of racing season. Training can be very exciting but of course, what's the point of training without a race to put all that hard work to the test. With the release of a new Ironman next year in Lake Tahoe (2013), it's important to take into consideration a few key factors when registering for a race. Here's my top 10 suggestions: 1) altitude 2) time of the year 3) cost of race 4) cost of travel 5) support from friends and family 6) weather on race day 7) similar training conditions for the race course 8) ease of travel and loding on race day 9) other life stressors during training that may interfere with training and/or racing 10) any current injuries, weaknesses, set-backs or concerns And of course, consult with your coach or mentors to get other opinions for a race. It's ok to look at forums but always keep in mind that a POV from a person who lives in the m