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Trimarni Water Bottles - shop now

Trimarni Purist Water bottles are in stock!! ! It's time to recycle your old, used, dirty water bottles and invest in a new supply for your upcoming training and racing season.  The Purist technology shields the Purist bottle from taste, mold and staining. Nothing sticks, your bottle stays clean and your water tastes pure. Each bottle comes with a leak-proof, hands-free, open and close heart valve Watergate top. Bottle size: 26 ounces Made in the USA. Color choices: Pink, Orange, Green, Smoke ORDER HERE

Athletes - Make peace with food

Some people exercise and some people train. Either way - moving your body is great for the mind, body and soul.   Regardless if you are exercising to improve your health or training to improve fitness for an upcoming event, you know that if you eat better, you will perform better.  For athletes, when you fuel your body optimally you have more energy, your fitness improves, you are happier, you think better, you delay fatigue, you sleep better and you have a more positive outlook on life.  I hope that every athlete and fitness enthusiast is on a mission to be at peace with food. Food should enhance your life and should energize your body and mind.  I encourage you to think about your current eating and fueling habits to decide if what you are doing right now is working for you.  It's important to have a great plan for good nutrition because good nutrition habits bring great workouts. And when you are consistent with your training, you can look forward to great race day perform

My educational journey - from passion to profession

Today is  Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day . I feel so lucky to be one of many qualified nutrition experts who are helping people improve their lives through food and nutrition. My educational journey to today has been a long one so I thought I would share it with you today.  2000-2001 After graduating from Paul Laurence Dumber High School in 2000, I went to IUP in Indiana, Pennsylvania for my freshman year. I continued competitive swimming at this Div II University, specializing in 100 butterfly, 200 IM and 200 butterfly. I was swimming more yards than ever before and we had swim meets almost every weekend during peak season. I started my educational journey focused on medicine, wanting to be some kind of doctor. I was having a hard time balancing school with swimming as swimming was taking a big toll on my life and I was struggling to obtain the education that I wanted. Plus, I missed my family and friends back in KY. 2001-2004 I transferred back home (Lexington, KY)

Tomorrow I will.....

Are you a tomorrow person? Do you constantly find yourself saying that you will do better tomorrow? Do you find yourself stuck in a hamster wheel, day after day, not starting something today that you promised yourself yesterday that you would do tomorrow? As you continue to check off another day of your life today, what's making you feel like things aren't going as you planned today?  Are you already looking forward to a fresh start (or a better day) tomorrow? Many times, tomorrow brings hope that it will be a better day. My question to you is what makes tomorrow such a better day than today?  What makes today such a bad day? The idea of waiting until the right or perfect day or time to start something is likely causing you to put off making the change(s) that you need to make, right now. Whether it's diet, training, exercise, career, relationships, travel or something else in life, you don't have to wait for the perfect opportunity to start something that is i

Private Trimarni training camp

I took this picture on Friday evening while driving to dinner at  Restaurant 17  with our athlete and private camper Jim. While driving, I wanted to capture this moment because I just can't get over where we live. If it's not obvious, I just love Greenville, SC and everything that we can see and do. The living is affordable, we have endless options for local foods, there are countless restaurants that take pride in supporting local farms/farmers, our roads are bike friendly (seriously - we often have to wave to cars to pass us as they will just patiently ride behind us until we give them the ok to pass), people are so nice, we have the BEST downtown and we have endless mountain and nature views.  This picture just reminds me how great it is to live close to the mountains and how lucky we are to call Greenville our home. And because we love Greenville so much, we want you to enjoy it with us! If you are interested in training with us, send us an email. Our p