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Should your diet have a name?

Around the age of ten, I decided that I would never again eat meat. The decision to become a vegetarian was not a temporary fad that I would one day give into when I was craving meat or when I was in a social setting and meat was served. Nearly 26.5 years later, I am still proud to call myself a lacto-ovo vegetarian. However, I don't feel my diet needs a name for the only thing that makes my style of eating different from Karel's style of eating is where we get our protein from. My decision to become a vegetarian was not supported by the idea that I needed to do so to become more popular, to fit in with a crowd, to achieve a different body image or to boost my health. It also wasn't a New Year resolution. Oddly enough, I can't remember the trigger why I wanted to give up eating meat but I do remember that it was around the month of April and I was around 10 years old when I came home from school and told my parents about my recent dietary change.  I knew v

2019 Trimarni Training Camps - Now OPEN!

Every time we hold a training camp, we experience so much joy from seeing the determination and hard work that our campers put forth with every camp workout. We've put on so many training camps, I've lost count! But, back again by popular demand, we will have three incredible training camps in 2019! If you are interested in participating in a Trimarni training camp, click on each link for more information. We look forward to the opportunity of helping you improve your skills and test your skills as you build friendships and memorable experiences in 2019.  Skills Camp - March 27th - March 31st Advanced Endurance Camp - June 26th - June 30th Endurance Camp - August 21st-August 25th Learn more HERE.

18 memorable moments in 2018

I always enjoy reflection as I close the chapter to one year and welcome in a new year. As we roll into 2019, here are eighteen of my most memorable moments in 2018. 1. Karel became a US citizen. 2. I qualified for my 5th Ironman World Championship. 3. Karel qualified for his 4th Ironman World Championship. 4. Karel finished the 2018 IM World Championship after completing the 112 mile bike on only one gear. 5. We spent 5 amazing weeks in Europe, visiting Karel's family in Znojmo, Czech Republic, racing in Austria and Prague and traveling to Frankfurt, Germany.  6. Karel stuck to a strict ice cream diet while we were in Europe. One ice cream a day for over 3 weeks! 7. We brought Karel's mom back to the US with us and she enjoyed 3 months with us! We took her to Madison, WI, Augusta, GA and Kona, Hawaii. 8. I wrote my first book! 9. People purchased my book!  10. Campy survived his first dog attack. We are so thankfu