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Rev3 Half Iron Race report (spectator version) - part II

While waiting for Karel to finish the windy 56 mile bike portion, my parents, Campy and I walked around and ate breakfast under a pavilion. It was a nice morning picnic (with a great view) as I enjoyed a PB and J sandwich and a banana.       The tracking for Rev3 was excellent. A bit confusing at first because it is different than Ironman Live tracking but it is extremely advanced. The coolest part about the expo was having two huge TV's hooked up to the Internet, which allowed the spectators to track on a big screen (vs our iphones). The tracking included things like splits and paces but took it one step further by not only telling where the markers were for splits but also what time the athletes arrived to the check point and how far behind the leader in their age group. I found this very useful because I was able to guess when Karel would be back at the transition area and to tell how he was doing in the race. Karel had been dealing with hamstring soreness all week d

Holiday Eating: Mission possible

For my November column on Iron Girl , I choose to take a different approach on holiday eating "tips". If you google "holiday eating tips" you will likely come across pages and pages of links to eat this, don't eat this, do this, don't do that. Can we all agree the nutrition and exercise tips are out there but not much has changed in the past few years?? ( Source) As you know, my approach to the diet and exercise has little to do with the act of exercise and eating but more so with the approach. I believe that in order to change habits, we need to address the habits to be changed, the outcome we will receive when we change them and most importantly, why it is important to change habits. I also believe in changing lifestyles. Changing the way people live life, act and behave. The other day I received an email from one of my friends and former nutrition athletes who is a mom of a few teenagers. Her son was mad at her for wanting to hand out raisins on H

Staying strong

Happy Halloween from my cute little spider!!   In light of the recent damage from hurricane Sandy, I have been struggling to finish Karel's race report as well as blogging about Halloween Nutrition Tips or talking about my training. I've been updating my Trimarni Facebook page several times throughout the day with articles, tips and motivational posts (be sure to LIKE for daily updates) but I just didn't have the energy to talk about happy events in my life when others are struggling.   Early this morning I was voluntarily swimming with access to a pool. I was drinking clean water, I refueled with fresh food and used appliances that were charged with electricity. I drove my car to and from the Y and I was comfortably warm with the cooler temps outside.   Throughout today, I have been keeping up with the Sandy aftermath but more so with the updates on the NYC marathon. I typically do not write blogs about my opinion on controversial topics but I do want to exp

Tabouleh stir fry

In the Sept/October issue of Eatingwell  there was a small article titled "Fronds with Benefits"  discussing a few veggies who have a leafy green bonus attached to the top of them. Karel likes to use celery root (the "bulb" of the celery) which is hard to find around our area (we find it at Whole Foods) which is perfect for his Czech soups and recipes, inspired by his mom. I know that celery leaves are super nutritious so I often throw them into my smoothie w/ a celery stick (to help with inflammation). Make sure when you buy the following veggies that you use the entire vegetable: 1) Radishes - radish leaves have a pungent and peppery flavor similar to arugula. A favorite in Asian cooking, they're great in a stir-fry. 2) Fennel - a staple of Greek cooking, fennel's feathery green fronds have a bold anise flavor. Use a little as an herb to season fish or gazpacho. 3) Onions - be sure to make use of the zesty green tops of mild spring onions - try them

Rev3tri Half Iron Race Report (spectator version) - pre race

Off to Venice Beach Florida for the Rev3tri ! Campy and I were excited for our spectator responsibilities but first, a quick stop to see my parents in New Port Richey, Florida.         Campy loves the resort-style living at my parent's house. Lots of love from his grandparents and plenty of room to run off a leash and chase the birds in the sky.         Saturday was a beautiful morning. Albeit, a bit windy, I was looking forward to running on the Starkey trail near my parent's house. I left around 6:30am and with no specific intervals or zones, I enjoyed moving my body through the dark outdoors until the sun came up. It was one of those runs where I could have ran forever. Eight miles later I got on my bike for an easy spin - fast in the tailwind, steady in the headwind. Karel tested out his disc and decided for the front wheel to go with the 60 mm vs to 90 mm due to the anticipated winds for Sunday. Karel felt better holding a straight line in the sl