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3 tips to improve your Coach + Athlete relationship

Your coach plays a significant role in your athletic journey. While some athletes may have one coach for an entire athletic journey, the majority of athletes will likely have several coaching relationships throughout an athletic career. And while this statement may apply best to the high school and collegiate athlete, the concept of a strong coach + athlete relationship is extremely important for the adult athlete who is likely focusing on a lot more in life than just training. Regardless if your coach sees you in action, monitors you via an online data software program or corresponds via phone or email, a strong coach + athlete relationship will help you become the best athlete that you can be. Hating your coach, not trusting your coach, feeling uncomfortable around your coach or struggling to effectively communicate with your coach are all signs that you do not have a good coach + athlete relationship. While a coach has his/her responsibilities to treat the athlete lik

For the picky eater: Spaghetti squash with marinara, basil and cheese

When I was young, I wanted cheese on everything. I also loved starches. Cheesy french bread, lots of cheese on pasta, pizza topped with extra cheese, bagel topped with cheese and Cheeze-its were some of my favorites. When I became a vegetarian at the age of 10, not much changed in my diet except the removal of meat and fish. While it's not a rule that vegetarians have to eat more veggies than the carnivore, it wasn't until mid college when I learned the nutritional value of veggies and that I should be eating them on a daily basis. I transitioned myself to a very plant-strong diet around the age of 20 and I noticed a lot of great changes. While my focus wasn't on my body composition, I did notice a body composition change when I made a few dietary swaps and additions into my diet. As the years went on and I transitioned myself from a competitive college swimmer to distance runner, I had to do some tweaking in my diet, once again, to make sure that I was eating enou

Consistent healthy holiday eating

Picture source This is the time of the year when it's so easy to make bad decisions with eating choices. But I'm not talking about devouring a dozen pieces of Halloween candy in one sitting, eating an oversized portion of Pumpkin pie topped with whipped cream or choosing 3 holiday cookies for an afternoon snack. Nope, I'm talking about dieting. A diet is a restrictive way of eating, designed to help you gain control over previously unhealthy eating habits. Although it may sound like exactly what you need around the holidays, a diet is a big change in your eating routine - it's rapid, it's extreme and it provides temporary results.  Healthy and mindful eating is a learned habit and once achieved, it makes it possible to enjoy the holiday season without guilt, anxiety or fear.  A few tips come to mind when it comes to eating healthy around the holidays.  1. Don't be locked down to one style of eating - having freedom with your eating choices

How to plan your 2017 race season

Do you love to race as much as you love to train?  Training is fun because you are in control, in your own environment. No one is watching or tracking you. You have nothing to prove.  Racing can be scary as it's filled with unknowns. You are nervous and you feel a lot of pressure to perform. You have expectations that you feel must be fulfilled or else you term the race as unsuccessful.  While it's great to be passionate about your training, don't forget why you you can be physically and mentally prepared for race day.  And just because you race, it doesn't mean you have to PR, podium or beat your closest competition. Carefully selecting your races is a great way to set yourself up for a great upcoming season as it’s the map that helps guides your training. It's also the easiest way for you to envision and visualize yourself developing as an athlete so you know where your training is going. Planning ahead also shows your coach (and you