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Art and Science of Recovery

It's been a long time since I've read a book for fun. Well, if you count textbooks as "books" then I have done A LOT of reading over the past 10 years. However, I wouldn't say that Biochemistry, Nutrition through the life cycle, Food service and management and Understanding Food are easy reads. Because I do enjoy reading and learning, I subscribe to a lot of magazines. I have a lot of favorite newsletters and magazines but recently, I have a new favorite magazine. If you registered for an Ironman event or domestic 70.3 Ironman event this year, you have likely received a complimentary year subscription to LAVA Magazine. If you haven't heard about this new magazine, it is AWESOME! The content is exceptional and the articles are really well-written. I highly recommend subscribing to this magazine. Here's the link (and the website) LAVA magazine I haven't read every article in the Oct/Nov issue (issue 2) that I just received this week, but I qu

Exercise-based meals

My training changes, as does my appetite. Although they are not always correlated (ex. During the peak of my season I am always super hungry on my day off - Monday - because it falls after 2 longer days of training) I typically know when I am going to be more hungry depending on my workout for the day. Because I know my body, I find it easy to plan my meals for the day. Taking into account my interning/life responsibilities, it only took a week or so to figure out what meals and snacks work best for my busy and active lifestyle. Because I work so early in the morning on Mon and Tues (I start interning at 5:45am on Mon and 6am on Tues) I give myself 2 breakfast meals. Because my "lunch break" is around 9 or 9:30am, I start my day with a small serving of oatmeal w/ protein powder around 5am and then a heaping serving (with nuts, raisins and dry cereal) for my "real" breakfast. I don't see this as two separate meals but rather 1 filling meal spread out throughout t

Southern Cooking-Marni Style - Creations

I spend every day surrounded by Southern Cooking. The Lakeside Nursing Home (where I am interning at for 8 1/2 more weeks!) is a fantastic establishment and I just love being there so bright and early almost every morning. The nurses and kitchen staff are so nice to me and it is so much fun interacting with the residents. I am still learning names but I am always greeted with warm "hellos" whenever I come across a resident, nurse or administrative personnel. The nursing home is "restaurant style" which is really neat for the patients. Rather than being served a hot meal inside the room, patients can come to the dining hall for breakfast and lunch and place an order with the server based on the menu for the day. The nursing home uses a 3 week cycle menu so they rotate the menu's every 3-weeks. Although there are certain items on the menu for the day, residents are free to order whatever they like and if it is in the kitchen somewhere, they can get it. The residen

Broccoli-Stir Fry Salad - Creations

Broccoli isn't my favorite vegetable. I don't think I can eat it every night of the week, like I can with mushrooms, garlic (I have garlic every night almost), spinach or tomatoes (although really a fruit). However, every now and then I get a big craving for Broccoli. I believe that the body has a special way of telling us what nutrients we need. Listening to the body can be tough but I believe I am really in-tune with my body. It rarely tells me it needs ice cream but if it does need something sweet, I have no problem enjoying a small piece of dark chocolate. However, most of the time, my body just wants fruit to cure a sweet craving. As for vegetables, this can be tough because vegetables aren't the most cravable foods. I realize that fruits are probably super easy to crave (especially in the summer) but veggies all year round...not so much. Perhaps my body is in need of some vitamin C and K right now?? Well, I listened to my body and I created a fabulously yummy broccol