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I saw this floating around Facebook and I can't be the only one who would agree that the reality of life is nothing like we plan for it to be.  It's without certain that every time we feel we are making progress to another "check point" there's an obstacle right around the corner.....of course, it comes when we least expect it.  As much as I thrive off having a "plan", I can not control everything in my life and I am ok with that. With only two options - accept or get upset, I've learned to have the best possible positive attitude with every obstacle that comes in my way. Life requires me to be strong, creative and patient and I've learned to love those qualities that make me a better person.  I always wanted to be my own boss and to have my own business. I never thought about the difficulty of "running" a business but I was driven by making a career out of my passions in life.  Being a small business owner means wo

Beautiful eating - interview

The word "beautiful" is used in so many ways. -She's so beautiful. -That painting is beatiful. -Nature is so beautiful. -That view is so beautiful. -Your hair or makeup looks so beautiful.   When was the last time you talked about your food choices being beautiful?   If beutiful is defined as "pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically", it is concerning that our society is not using the word "beautiful" enough when talking about our diet.   I don't know about you, but the picture below looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I would like to thank Beth Chernosky for asking me to be a guest on her  Looking Good Girl   website. I love interviews as a chance for me to express my opinion on various topics but also as a way to reach out to other inspiring people. Beth asked me great interview questions and her philosophy shined through with her questions to me! As many people know, I am all about helping other people learn how to have a h

Campy's first photo shoot

One of the best things in life is being able to make memories. And when you can capture those moments with a camera, you will always have a way to remember those experiences with a photo. In early October, Karel was approached by 904 Fitness Magazine (our local Jacksonville magazine) about being chosen as the Fittest Athlete of the Month. Karel wanted to share his special moment with me and I was excited for the opportunity to share a little bit more about Karel and his background. But of course, Team Sumbal would not be complete without our furry little child, Campy!! When Anthony (the creator of the magazine) told us that he wanted to incorporate Campy in the magazine photo shoot for our family shot, we could not have been more excited. Although we know Campy is already a famous doggy (he gets recognized wherever he goes!) he has never had his own photo shoot. And since our life is more meaninful when we can make memories for and with Campy, I was so excited to make time

Transition triathlon plan - what are your weaknesses?

To be successful in life, you have to live in a successful environment. For example, if you are changing dietary habits and decide to bring your lunch to work instead of ordering out, your kitchen must have Tupperware. If you are determined to train for an event in the winter, your must have options as to how you will be consistent with working out in the cold winter months.  If want to get to bed earlier for a more restful night of rest, you may need to avoid bringing (and using) electronics (ex phones)in your bedroom.  But most of all, you have to know where you are going in order to understand why you are seeking a change. Karel and I have worked long and hard and e 5-week triathlon transition plan is ready!!! YOU CAN READ ABOUT IT HERE My life is built on learning from my mistakes and studying successful habits of others. I don't wish to be like others but instead, consider my own goals, needs and lifestyle and figure out the bes

2013 Horrible Hundred - event recap

Do you like to be challenged? If so, doesn't it feel good to be challenged at things you are really good at? When it comes to triathlons - I'm in my comfort zone. It doesn't matter how hilly a course may be, how hard the wind is blowing, how wavy the water is, how hot it is outside or who my competition is.....I accept the challenge because I have experience and confidence in the sport of triathlons. Throw me into a soccer game and we will have another story. OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE! Like anyone, I am challenged all the time by life - things out of my control and suddenly I am forced to figure them out. They don't require the use of a Garmin, running shoes or goggles but instead, a mind that can make the best decisions possible and then learn from the experience afterward. There's nothing worse than making the same mistake twice so instead of viewing life's challenges as failures, I believe they are learning lessons. And what's great about sports or