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Do you have time for an injury?

It concerns me that athletes think that stress fractures are simply a natural occurrence of being an athlete and training for an event (or trying to become more physically fit). I have never had a stress fracture and will do anything in my power not to get one. However, I have had my battles with long-term painful muscular injuries and I am constantly finding myself learning how to be a more proactive athlete.  I realize that many injuries are accidents in that as athletes, we have a hard time recognizing a normal ache from painful, injury-provoking ache. And sometimes, accidents do happen such as rolling an ankle when running on uneven surfaces or crashing on the bike. But as athletes we are always teetering on the edge of getting injured because we like to push to see our limits and with a natural tendency to think "if some is good, more is better", simple decisions often come with major consequences. As age group athletes, we are not paid to do a sport which ultimately

Eat, drink and be healthy - chocolate and wine

  Yesterday I did a segment on behalf of Baptist Heart Wise and it was great to be on set again for News4Jax. I was really excited for the segment on chocolate and wine but I received a few looks at the grocery check-out when I was prepping for the show on Monday evening.     Along with my props for the segment, I needed PB and bananas for home. Good thing I wasn't wearing my Clinical Dietitian name badge from the hospital!   After a sweaty 1 hour and 10 minute session on the trainer, early in the morning, I was getting myself ready around 6am and left for the TV station (downtown Jacksonville) around 7am.                                                The news reporters stayed busy with the morning stories as I started to prep my yummy display. For a nice presentation, I used a little mint on my chocolate plate. Each of the glasses have 5 ounces of "wine" (aka "cranberry juice).         For your viewing pleasure......   Choc

Eat like a dietitian. Eat like an Elite athlete.

I was told that when I earned my RD credentials that I would lose friends because no one would want to eat with me because I was a dietitian. To the surprise of many, I did not become the food police but instead a qualified and licensed professional to give nutritional advice and to counsel individuals on living a more healthful lifestyle. What surprises me the most is that as an athlete, I get similar questions that make me wonder if people are striving to eat like a dietitian or like an elite athlete? Funny thing is that there is no perfect or ideal diet so it may be better to stop searching around for the "perfect" healthy diet or the "perfect" fueling strategy for an active lifestyle and instead to focus on your individual needs. One of my best tips that has really helped me out as a health-conscious individual who trains and races at a high level, is to eat food that makes me feel good. Certainly, this can be taken into many different contexts but if you thin