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The Trimarni kit store is now open!! If you love to use and move your body, cross finish lines or use your body to live an active lifestyle, we believe that you are the ideal human to sport a Trimarni kit.  When you sport Trimarni, you are representing our brand. We want you to be proud sporting your Trimarni kit as you inspire other athletes and fitness enthusiasts to work hard for athletic excellence but not at the cost of compromising mental and physical health. Your support means the world to us and we love seeing humans doing incredible things with their bodies.  Engineered for top-level racing, Castelli is dedicated to making the fastest clothing in the world for triathletes and cyclists by using the most advanced fabric technologies available. We are confident that you will love the reasonably priced, comfortable and functional kit items. And because we can't have you sporting an old design on a new kit, we are excited to show off our new design.  The darker kit can be purc


  Riding gravel is all the rage these days. Some perks include a change in scenery, being in nature, and discovering new roads and routes. More so, many people are switching from road to gravel biking due to far fewer cars/trucks. Although the chances of experiencing motorized traffic is very small on gravel roads, there's a greater risk of crashing due to the uneven surface under your wheels. I learned this all too well in 2021 when I had two crashes within a few weeks in my first few months of riding my gravel bike. Although I had fitness to ride my bike, I lacked the skills needed to take my bike off road. Riding a gravel bike off road requires a very different skill set than riding on the road. I'm happy to report that with a lot of help from Karel, not only have I become more confident on my gravel bike (and no more crashes!) but I've also learned how to ride a mountain bike on very technical terrain - and haven't had any major crashes or accidents.  And not all &q