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Motivation - use it or lose it

We are nearing week three of January which means that all your new changes for 2014 will become new habits soon. It doesn't matter if it is January, May or your birthday. Good habits require discipline, motivation, the right resources and hard work, on a daily basis. More so, change requires the ability to overcome obstacles and setbacks along the journey.  If you have goals for yourself in 2014, motivation is something that you want on a daily basis. You have to have it to get you out of bed, you have to have it when the going gets tough and you have to have it when things don't go as planned. But let's be honest that motivation is not something you can find every morning when you get out of bed especially when life gets in the way of your body composition, performance, career or health goals. Because goals require more than consistent commitment, here are a few tips to keep your motivation going all year long. 1)) Accept that it's OK to not be motivated

Trimarni Endurance Triathlon Training Camp!!!

TRIMARNI CAMP Who didn't love camp growing up?  Hanging out, meeting new people, changing up the normal routine (no parents!), enjoying food with friends and making a lot of memories to share with others when you returned home.  When Karel and I discussed having a training camp, we both had two different ideas for our camp but with the same philosophy.  TRAIN SMART We repeatedly stress the importance of training smart in our training philosophy and we also abide by this thought as well. Not only do we focus on quality training and removing the junk miles but we also do a lot of research, learn from great coaches and we believe in placing the least amount of stress on the body with the most physiological performance gains.  There are so many ways that an athlete can train smart and we focus on those other areas to help take structured training to the next level.  -Stress management -Good sleep -Mental skills/confidence -Good form/drills/skills -Immune

Leg burning trainer workout and fueling the triathlete

Trimarni lifestyle change tip:  If you have between 10-30 min when you come home from work before an evening workout or meeting/event, start your dinner prep and finish as much as possible so you don't come home starving and convince yourself that you can't wait the time to cook a real food, balanced meal.  Here's a creation that I prepared in 25 minutes before our evening swim practice on 1/15 (I planned for leftovers): Tempeh, mushrooms, frozen veggie mix (corn, peas, carrots), onions, garlic, balsamic, olive oil, kale, turmeric, pinch of salt, chili pepper, slivered almonds. Also, 1 pot of quinoa (1/2 cup dry to 1 cup boiling water).  The final creation! Swim workout Main set (at the very end of our 75 minute practice): 3xs (with fins): 3x100s fast swim on 1:30 3x50s fast kick on 1 minute Continue 2 more rounds. Total yards: 3800 After my morning fuel (8 ounce skim milk + 1 spoonful chia seeds + 1/2 cup cheerios - a new creation I have been usin

Swim smart - tips for all levels of triathletes

When it comes to the swim training needed for a triathlon, there are those who love the water and are natural (or competitive) swimmers, those who are determined to become better swimmers and those who feel robotic and inefficient while swimming. Perhaps you've heard yourself or a triathlete say "I wish I could feel smoother in the water." It's really beautiful to watch a swimmer swim. Smooth kicking, effortless arms and very few strokes to move from one side of the pool to the other.  Swimming is all around a great sport but also a great way to improve fitness. It taxes all systems from cardio, respiratory to muscular and it also helps provide stress to the body without impact which transfers to run and bike fitness as well.  That is - so long as you are not too exhausted from swimming that you can not maintain good energy during your run and bike workouts.  There are a few pointers when it comes to training for a triathlon in the pool:  1) Y

Hello from Greenville, SC!

On Thursday, we (Campy, Karel and I) took a quick trip to  Greenville South Carolina . We have heard so many great things about this beautiful city and bike-friendly community that we decided it was a great time to go and take a little 6 hour road trip and stay until Sat. And if you know us - we LOVE traveling! After our morning workout (treadmill run for me and strength and trainer bike + run for Karel), we packed up for our trip. Yummy Trail mix! I never travel without it! Cheerios, raisins, pecans, peanuts, cashews, hazelnuts.  Sadly, we left our bikes at home due to the high chance of rain during our trip and it was a good thing that we listened to the weather channel. Two full days of rain...but that didn't stop us from enjoying beautiful Greenville! Grocery store salad - mixed greens in a container topped with hardboiled eggs, nutritional yeast, swiss cheese, cashews and olive oil/balsamic dressing. A simple and delicious Trimarni "fast food&qu