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One more sleep: Florida Xtreme Triathlon

With only one more sleep until we embark on the longest endurance adventure that we have ever attempted (mentally and physically), I wanted to share how we prepared for this event. Training -Consistency Nutrition -Consistency Sport nutrition -Consistency There were no shortcuts, quick fixes or extreme approaches. We never felt like we were training specifically for this event - especially with the uncertainty of all that is going on in this nation. More so, we only registered for the event in early September. This season has been all about new opportunities and experiences and we made sure to take full advantage of a season of cancelled races. With none of our planned races on the summer calendar, we explored new cycling routes in Greenville and we had fun participating in different events. Building off years of consistent training, we took a leap and tried new approaches with our training. Thankfully, we stayed healthy and injury free. Perhaps much of this was due to never f

It's race week for the Florida Extreme Triathlon!

  The extreme nature of our upcoming 3-day event hadn't fully sunk in until just a few days ago. As I began to pack, organize and plan out all of the logistics of this point to point to point event, I started to think about this ambitious feat that we are about to take our body and mind on for over 300 miles.  In case you missed my last blog post , here are the details of the event:  Stage 1: November 13th - 2 mile swim in Crystal River, 102 mile bike (from Crystal River to Ocala), 18.6 mile run in Ocala. Stage 2: November 14th - 2 mile swim in Ocala, 73 mile bike (from Ocala to Starke), 18.6 mile run in Starke. Stage 3: November 15th - 2 mile swim in Starke, 68 mile bike (from Starke to Palm Coast), 13.1 mile run in Palm Coast. I have intentions on fully sharing this entire experience from start to finish on social media ( Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition  and  Trimarni ), but I thought I'd share how I am planning for this 3-day event.  Food Most importantly, we need to keep