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Is a ultra endurance event right for you?

  For some people it's hiking, for others it's riding a bike. When you find an activity that gives you a feeling of being alive, there's no better feeling.  When it comes to long-distance, ultra and extreme sports, the primary motivation for participating in these types of events is knowing that you are part of a small group of people who have the ability, time and resources to attempt this type of feat. Whether you want to push the envelope because your last accomplishment never feels good enough or because you don't feel satisfied with one area of your life and the risk of an extreme event seems really appealing, some people love to push themselves to discover their limit - physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.  I am in my 16th year of long-distance triathlon racing. This weekend I will be participating in my 19th Ironman in Lake Placid. I love the sport of triathlon but what I love the most is challenging myself - physically and mentally.  For me, my end