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Our 2019 Race Schedule

A lot of thought, consideration and planning has gone into this schedule, specifically our love of travel, challenging courses and racing with our athletes. Although our first race of the 2019 triathlon season feels forever away, we are excited to officially share when and where we will be racing in 2019. Ironman 70.3 Haines City Karel and I will be sharing this race course with many of our athletes as this will be our first Trimarni team  race of the season. We like this venue because it's super spectator friendly. The race also provides a great no-pressure vibe to kick-start the season and dust off the rust that accumulated over the winter. This race will serve as a gentle reminder of the suffering that goes into racing for 70.3 miles. Ironman 70.3 St. George Although I love, love, love this race venue, I chose not to do this race this year so that I can focus on Chattanooga 70.3 as my early season key race. Karel, on the other hand, will be participating in th

Top 10 anti-bloating foods

Many people complain about bloating. That feeling of feeling full, tight, gassy and uncomfortable in the belly. With many causes, a few of the top reasons include constipation, IBS, SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), gastroparesis and gynecological conditions.  With several treatment options, looking into the diet is a great first line treatment plan. In a recent Bicycling article, I was given the opportunity to provide a few of my thoughts on this popular topic. You can check out my tips along with the top ten anti-bloating foods. Anti-Bloating Foods

YOUR gift to the Greenville Humane Society

As you may know, we love all animals. These creatures bring so much happiness and joy and a smile on on our face every single day. At our home, we are loved by Madison (cat - ~10.5 years old), Smudla (Cat - almost 16 years old) and Campy (dog - 11 years old). We also have a 75-gallon fresh water fish tank of African Cichlids. Our house backs up to a nature preserve filled with wild deer, squirrels, birds and the occasional coyote howl. Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, we are also greeted by the cute faces of farm animals on almost every single bike ride. You don't have to go very far from our house to see horses, cows, goats, sheep, chickens, pigs, buffalo and llamas. Prior to 2018, it was important to me that we give back to the Greenville community on behalf of our business, Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition. When discussing my idea with Karel, it made a lot of sense for us to give back to the Greenville Humane Society. Seeing that all three of our furr

Self-Care - are you taking care of yourself?

Picture source You probably know the importance of taking care of yourself - mentally and physically. Healthy eating, good sleep, stress management - all of these can help to improve your quality of life and optimizing health. However, it's very easy to put yourself last when you have so many things on your to-do list. When was the last time you put your own needs to the side in order to take care of everyone else's needs? It's only when your needs are taken care of that others can benefit from you and your good health. Are you a victim of putting your own needs last? Unhealthy eating habits Inconsistent exercise Sleep deprivation Relying on caffeine and energy drinks to survive the day Failing to put your needs first in order to please others  Excessive use of alcohol.  Exhausted from too much on your daily plate Stressed from always saying yes to everyone While you may have a lot of reasons why you are too busy to take care of yourself, don't wait u