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Are you addicted to cereal?

Americans are obsessed with cereal. How do I know this? We have an entire aisle in the grocery store solely devoted to cold and hot cereals. We have a dairy aisle, meat aisle, vegetable aisle and then we have a cereal aisle. There are several claims on cereal boxes that promote health and weight loss. For example Cheerios can help lower cholesterol, General Mills cereals are Whole Grain guaranteed and you can take the Special K challenge to lose 6 lbs in 2 weeks. In my opinion, oatmeal is more satisfying and filling than 1 serving of cereal. Yes, 1 serving of cereal, which is typically 3/4 cup. If you were to eat 1 serving of cereal at 150 calories or 1 serving of oatmeal at 150 calories at breakfast, you are likely to eat less during the day and feel more satisfied with less calories by eating the oatmeal. Even if you add berries, nuts or raisins and milk to your oatmeal or to your cereal, I have a feeling your blood sugar will feel more balanced during the morning by eating oatmeal,

Part 2: recovery and nutrition

This article follows my last article featured on (and in the FREE newsletter). I feel that the topic of nutrition, in regards to recovery, is as important (if not more than) as stretching, icing or whatever you choose to do to refuel, repair and refocus after a workout. Let me know if you have any questions, I look forward to your comments on how you like to recover. Recovery and Nutrition Marni Sumbal, MS When it comes to recovery after a workout, most athletes assume the best way to repair damaged tissue is to eat. While eating after a workout can restore glycogen stores and rebuild tissues for muscle growth, too much food or a little of the wrong foods may hinder your workouts. Due to unhealthy food cravings, improper timing of nutrition during the day and unbalanced, oversized meals after exercise, it is likely that your hard work during workouts may go unnoticed due to poor food choices after exercise. 1. Proper nutrition: For workouts lasting less than 6

6-gap event recap

Where do I begin? This was, by far, the hardest, most challenging, most fun, most rewarding, most scary, most intimidating, most demanding, most mentally exhausting, most exciting thing I have ever done on the bike. Actually, keep all those thoughts and add...the hardest thing I have ever done in my life! I am still talking about the challenging climbs and still having dreams about the fast descends. I took a day to relax my mind and body after 6-gap, before writing this blog, however, I have a feeling my mind might wander as I recap the event. After checking out of the hotel in Norcross, GA on Sat morning, Karel and I hoped that the pouring rain would stop when we arrived in Dahlonega an hour later. I checked the radar and the rain was supposed to stop for a few hours but with the epic rain falls in GA lately, there was no stopping of rain when we arrived to the expo. Our plan was to ride the first gap of the event in order to get our legs ready for the climbs and to get me ready for

Trek Breast Cancer Awareness Ride

Interested in participating in the Trek Breast Cancer Awareness ride on Sat October 10th? Check out the Trek website to make a donation or to join us for a 10 or 25 mile ride to support all who have been affected by breast cancer. All money goes to Breast Cancer Awareness. After the ride, join us at the beach Trek store for food and fun! Regisration or donation