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IM Kona '19 race recap: Pre-race

On Thursday evening, we went to bed a little later than normal due to the athlete briefing which ran from 8-9pm. We managed to get into bed a little after 9:30pm and I was quick to fall asleep. I made sure to stay in bed as long as possible on Friday morning to ensure I woke up as rested as possible - especially knowing that the sleep before any race is usually a bit interrupted and restless due to pre-race thoughts. After my normal pre-workout snack (2 waffles + nut butter + syrup) which I eat before every workout, all year long, I walked to the pier for a short and easy swim in the ocean. It felt good to be out of the condo and exercising. The nerves seemed to build when I was inactive so anytime I was moving around, I felt more at ease. Karel had his normal pre-workout oatmeal mixture before his workout. For my swim, I practiced in my race day one-piece kit (I brought two of them, one for race day and one for training) as I had never worn a one-piece rolled down under

IM Kona '19: Quick recap

The Ironman distance is a beast of a race. Swimming 2.4 miles, biking 112 miles and running 26.2 miles is no easy feat for the body. There is no right, best or perfect way to prepare as every journey to the start line is different. Every athlete has his/her own path, which is either straight forward and smooth or filled with bumps, detours and maybe even a few road closed signs. Some athletes make extreme sacrifices and investments to get to the starting line. Some athletes have a team of supporters and professionals to assist in the journey. Regardless of who helps you get to the start line, it is ultimately up to you - the athlete - to get yourself to the finish line. For the majority of athletes participating in the Ironman World Championship, they represent the best of the best from around the world. Qualifying is not easy as it requires great fitness, preparation and a whole lot of luck. Interestingly, when the best of the best all arrive to the Ironman World Championship, it