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Big weekend ahead

Tomorrow I have race. Finally..I need to get all this stress out of my system! 2.5 mile ocean swim at Jacksonville beach. I am ready to see where I am at. This worries me a bit because I know I will re-evaluate my training if I don't have a great time but that is what I do. I guess it makes me work harder but the time is running out. If anything, I can look back on all this IM training and feel confident that I did everything I could to stay balanced with my life and get my body strong for an IM. After the swim I will bike 112 miles. I promised myself that I would never train past 1pm on the weekend. That's just too much time to be out doing the "tri" thing because my mind would be spinning in circles of all of the homework, studying and reports that are due. Plus, I would miss Campy the whole time I was gone. I'm a very hard-working, type A person so I'm always on a schedule, with my to-do lists and I am a huge planner. Ask any of my friends (and Karel) and I

IG Atlanta NBC Sunday!

TUNE INTO THE AFLAC IRON GIRL ATLANTA NBC BROADCAST Check out a preview... The broadcast of the third annual Aflac Iron Girl Atlanta Triathlon will air this Sunday, Aug. 2, from 2 to 3 p.m. ET on NBC Sports. (Check your local listings for additional details). The telecast will showcase a highly competitive professional field as well as a diverse group of athletes varying in age and fitness level. Viewers will watch stories of athletes who have overcome adversity, as well as gain inspiration from women who have adopted healthy, active lifestyles and more. The sold-out all-women's event brought more than 1,200 participants to Lake Lanier Islands Resort, located 45 minutes northeast of Atlanta, Ga., to compete in a 1/3-mile swim, 18-mile bike and 3-mile run. Featured in the broadcast: * 1st-place-finisher, Mirinda Carfrae, 28, AUS, (1:13:55): Carfrae is a multiple Ironman 70.3 champion, as well as the winner of the 2007 Ford Ironman World

Stuffed Shells

When I was young, my mom would make tofu-stuffed shells once a week. I LOVED the mix of the jumbo shells, marina sauce and cheese. I didn't really know what tofu was when I was young so I guess I didn't mind it. This recipe is perfect when you are looking for comfort food and you want to feel satisfied without a lot of carb calories. It is easy to overdo it when eating pasta since the feeling of fullness/satisfaction doesn't usually come until you've devoured at least 4 servings pasta and well over 800 calories. When was the last time you ate pasta at a restaurant? Did you have one of the following? Ruby Tuesday: Roma Chicken Alfredo Pasta - 968 calories, 43 grams fat Sbarro: Spaghetti with Chicken Parmesan - 930 calories, 36 grams fat Ruby Tuesday: Chicken Parmesan with Pasta - 1275 calories, 82 grams fat Buca Di Beppo: Macaroni Rosa (serves 2) - 2036 calories, 119 grams fat Romano's Macaroni Grill: Eggplant Parmesan - 1240 calories, 64 grams fat Olive Garden: Chic


Things are good right now. Training is part of my routine, which I am happy about. After 3 weeks of the piriformis syndrome, and excellent results with PT from Libby, I am getting back into the swing of things. I did a long run on sat of 10.5 miles. Not a typical pre-IM training run, but I will take it. I was able to keep a good pace and I only had to stretch from mile 5-10 at the mile mark. I didn't have to walk, which was good. Stretching at each mile was a way for me to not freak myself out that I would hurt myself again. I'm just too afraid to run through anything so I stop myself before anything would start to hurt. Luckily, no pain or discomfort, just a little tightening in my leg...which I am use to. Biking is going great! For the first time, I am actually excited to push it on the bike at IM. A whole 112 miles to myself and I'm not afraid to be out there, doing my thing. The past two IM's I was so ready to be off my bike and run. With 2 more weeks of training be