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Celebrating 36 years of life

Today I start another 365-day journey of my life. Although a birthday means that your life is one year less, we should never take a day for granted. We must make the most of and celebrate every day of life. Because it's not the years in your life that count but the life in your years, I look forward to many more adventures, experiences and learning opportunities in my near future.

In honor of my day of birth, I thought I'd share 36 interesting facts about myself. Enjoy!!

Life goals
Write a bookBe in the audience at the Ellen ShowVisit all the continents in the worldBreak 10-hours in an Ironman triathlonRemain in good physical and mental health for as long as possibleHelp an Olympic athlete with daily/sport nutritionBucket list travel experiences
African safariGrand cycling tour (ex. Tour de France, Giro, Paris Roubaix, etc.)Swim in the San Alfonso del Mar resort swimming pool in Algarrobo, Chile. Visit Oregon, Montana and UAEDo more international triathlon racesFavorite foods Blu…

Miss you dad....

Today marks four years since my dad passed away after his 10-month fight against cancer. Some days it feels like just yesterday when he left whereas other days it feels like forever ago. I miss him every day.

My dad was an incredible human being and I was so lucky to call him MY dad for 32 years of my life. I miss his guidance, his jokes, his support, his positive attitude and his love for me as his daughter. Some days are harder than others but my dad taught me so much in life, especially to never ever take a day for granted. After his passing, I found it important to honor his 67 years of life by staying strong and living my life to its fullest.

My dad taught me to....

Always smileSee the positiveBe niceNever stop learningHelp others While it's very hard to live life without my dad, I know he looks over me and shares every life experience, obstacle, setback and high-moment with me.

If you would like to learn more about my dad, here is a tribute that I wrote about my dad on Father&#…