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2015 IM Lake Placid - behind the scenes part 1

This race experience was extra special because we had all of our Trimarni athletes in one house (except for Heidi who was with her family/friends just a few houses down - super convenient!).  With two of our athletes doing their first Ironman, we could not have asked for a better venue for our athletes to enjoy racing for 140.6 miles. I rented a large house for our group of 10 which was off Greenwood, just about .6 mile from Main Street.  We had several side streets to walk on which was  nice to avoid any busy roads.  We were less than 1/2 mile from the local grocery store (Hannaford) and it was easy for everyone in our group to get to downtown by foot.  Our 3-floor rental home had a lot of character. There were a lot of updates inside the home but a lot of old features like claw foot tubs, creaky wood floors and lots of decorative features. Needless to say, we loved this house because it always was the topic of conversation for our group. Campy, of course, loved

Be strategic - quitting doesn't have to be an option

Hello Trimarni followers!! We are back from Lake Placid!! What an amazing trip! If you were not following along on my Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition Facebook page, I will catch you up on how race day went for our athletes in my next blog. But for now, I want to share a few tips on how to approach race day when you are faced with a situation that makes you question your desire, ability or motivation to continue. We have all been there when race day doesn't go as planned but I can assure you that most of the time, quitting will not make the outcome any better.  You just need to learn how to be strategic with these tips: 1)  Unless you are injured or health is compromised, quitting is not an option Far too many times, I hear of athletes (not Trimarni athletes of course) who drop out of races because the race day is not going as planned. Perhaps the body feels flat, the weather is not ideal or an obstacle arises on race day. Whatever the case may be, I never want