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Winter Workout Motivation

  We moved to Greenville, SC from Jacksonville, FL in May 2014. A few months later, we experienced our first "real" winter in ten years. I quickly realized that I do not like running or biking outside when it's cold and I needed to invest in a more seasonable wardrobe by purchasing winter workout gear. By no means is our winter weather extreme, but it's always a bit of a struggle to go from my favorite season (summer = hot and humid) to colder temperatures. For many years, I tolerated the winter by training indoors. I've put in a lot of treadmill and treadmill miles from December until March. However, year after year, I realized how much the winter weather was affecting my mental health. But I recognized that it wasn't just the cold weather that was giving me the blues but it was the lack of being outside.  Over the past few years, I've made a conscious effort to run and bike outside throughout the winter. I have an ever-growing wardrobe of winter workout

Austin Texas Girls Trip

  I feel grateful that every athlete I coach becomes a friend. Even more special is the friendships that are created among our Trimarni athletes and team members. We have seen close friendships develop from an initial meeting at a Trimarni training camp, on our private team Facebook page or at a team race. It makes me incredibly happy to know that triathlon is more than a sport. It's been a driving force to long-lasting relationships of like-minded individuals.  In September 2023, Justine reached out to me, Natalie, Danielle and Stephanie via a group text that she would be visiting her parents in New Mexico in January 2024. Justine has been living in Spain with her husband and two young kids for the past 5+ years as her husband Eric is in the military. They are about to move to England so this was a great time for us to all get together. Southwest was having a sale on plane tickets so we all booked our flights for our first reunion since 2018. Since then, Justine has had two kids,

5 tips for doing your first Ironman

  I made a lot of mistakes in my early years of Ironman training and racing. I was a stubborn and naive 24-year old who was obsessed with the sport of triathlon. Fast forward 18 years, 19 Ironmans and 2 XTRI events, I have a lot more experience, knowledge and wisdom to pass along to other athletes.  In my first year of endurance racing in 2006, I completed the Boston Marathon, Disney half ironman and IMFL within 8 months. Despite having the most success at IMFL by winning the 18-24 age group by an hour, I wish I would have focused more on shorter distances instead of directing all my energy to the Ironman distance. I should have hired a coach to guide me on the best path for my body and development. If completing an Ironman is on your bucket list, I was recently interviewed by Business Insider and shared my best tips for those who are interested in conquering the 140.6 mile distance. You can read the full article HERE.