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What improvements

Yesterday was a great day. I started off the morning with a 5:30am swim practice. Great workout, but of course Matt kindly let me swim the whole practice without fins while the last set (3 x (5 x 50)) were with fins for everyone else. Thanks Matt! Needless to say....I was pushed. We also did a test set to see how many laps we could do in 10min. I was very proud with my 1:20 average pace. Seeing that last summer I was looking to hold 1:30 for all my sets, I can only hope that I can hold a 1:15-1:20 pace in Kona...we will see! Foot is feeling super and went for another 4 mile run on the treadmill. Hopefully I can step up the mileage gradually and run more next week. I headed over to the North Pinellas Y after my workout, chatted with some of my friends who work there and then helped Gabriella with her Swimming. What improvements..I just love it! Sometimes we (as competitive athletes) take for granted the little things and we always focus on getting faster by pushing harder and testing ou

You Should Try It!

Have you ever biked somewhere, other than for the reason to train? This morning I taught my normal spin class at the Y and walked on the treadmill afterwards for 40 minutes (yes-I didn't run coach Lee Z!!!). After I did some core and lifted, I drove home to make a great protein smoothie and a yummy breakfast. Today was just beautiful as I sat at my computer, inside, finishing up some articles. Later today, it was about an hour before I had to leave to go sub another spin class and the idea came to me that I should just bike to the Y, teach spin and then bike home. I wasn't worried about running out of energy (I don't know how, but I always have a lot of it!), but I was more worried that the inconsistent Florida weather would leave me with a wet ride home. The weather gods were on my side tonight! I don't know if it was the new road bike or a feeling that I needed to get outside, but regardless I was loving the idea of biking somewhere. I have always wanted to bike every

An Apology to my Fellow Triathletes....

I de-virginized him. Yes, I rode him and I rode him for a while. And, I was smiling the whole time! OK-was that crossing the line? Hopefully I at least made you chuckle.... To keep this post G-rated, I rode a road bike for the very first time!!! So as I sit at the computer, with a sore neck, sore triceps and sore leg muscles (that I never knew I could work), I'm re-thinking the decision to lose the aerobars and try those funny handlebars that drop down. So let's talk about my day of training. Morning swim practice was great. Just a couple more weeks until I start swimming with a HS swim team, but for now I have no problem pushing myself in a lane by myself with 10-15 other triathletes around me. I'm use to the solo training, so just being around others at 5:30am is just great. I was in the mood for some IM, so I did a great set which took me back to my college days of swimming (8 X 125 IM, doubling up each stroke for a 50). And if that wasn't enough, finished the practi

I Ran!!!!

Enough said! I couldn't be more happy right now. My first time running in almost a month. I headed to the Y this morning for a well-anticipated run on the treadmill. "No more than 30 minutes and I'll stop if I feel any kind of pain". So, of course I'm driving to the gym and my head decided to play lots of games with me. Was my foot still hurt, could I really do this, what will I feel when I start to run?I think this is similar to the normal/fake jittery pains you feel during a taper and before a big race. I'm sure everyone has felt their ITBand flair up or a slight plantar fascitis pain right before the start of a race. But of course...there is nothing wrong! As in my case, I was totally ready for this run and my foot was fine. I started off with a walk and after 5 mintues, I put on my music and started to go. Started off a slow pace of 7.5 mph (1% incline as always) and I don't think I could have smiled any bigger. My normal gym buddies (who think I am cr

Helping out Others

Ok, so I will briefly fill you in with my amazing weekend of cycling and then I will talk about something besides myself. I was so excited for my ride on saturday. Finally, riding with the Gearlink group. Well, once again, I was dropped, couldn't keep up and I saw many butts cycling away in the distance. However, staying positive and keeping optimistic, I finished my ride with a smile on my face. "wow" I said, "I feel really strong!". I know I wasn't riding like this last year. That makes me feel good. This morning I headed out early (by car) and went to the suncoast trail. If you ever want a great place to ride in Florida, come to the Tampa bay area. Not only are there amazing group rides and triathletes/cyclists everywhere, but we have several trails specifically for active people. No cars, no motorvehicles, nothing. Just a bunch of legs pedaling, rollerblading, running or walking. And because safety is always a must when riding, I love the trails cause I