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Feeding the Vegetarian athlete

I love wholesome food. No surprise. There's something about food that is made from natural ingredients that I love so much. I love veggies and fruit and eat them all day long but I know that I can never fully nourish my body without having other sources of vitamins and minerals such as healthy fats, quality protein and complex carbs such as whole grains and beans. I love it when food has a simple ingredient list and I love it even more when I don't have to read an ingredient list. I create habits in my life that help me from overeating at meals as well as after training such as not going into meals starving and having a pre meal and/or post-training snack. I don't see my life as sticking to a diet but rather finding ways to make my eating simple and enjoyable so that I can enjoy other parts of my life. I eat every few hours and I never skimp on protein or fat. I don't give myself excuses to eat x-food just because I trained but at the same time, if I want something that

Post-run omelet with fresh bread

Although it is nearly the weekend, I can't help but think back to last weekend, which included two quality training sessions and some TDF (Tour de France) watching. Both workouts were Bike + Run, however, each workout had its purpose. Each workout had a different pre-training snack/meal and each workout was followed by some TLC hip stretching and recovery protein drink + recovery meal Even Campy did his share of resting with his favorite Iron Girl Aflac duck On Sat I biked down to watch the BFAST #3 triathlon race and after an hour of spinning my legs (which was a very exciting warm-up I must say), I was ready for the main set. 3 x 20 min tempo intervals. 5 min LT (above threshold), 10 min tempo, 5 min LT. I train with a power meter so I was able to focus on my zones for all three intervals. After the 20 min interval (which was tough but went by quick), I recovered for 10 min and repeated the set. Karel gives me a lot of sets were he has me pushing at, slightly above and slightly b

Learning the lingo

I have spent much of my adult life understanding food as fuel. At the age of 29, I know a lot more know than in years past but I have SO much more to learn. While I am fairly certain I am finished with higher learning (I don't see a PhD in my near future) I hope to never stop learning. I am very passionate about food but I am confident in saying that I am not obsessed. Because I love stimulating my brain, I don't have the time or desire to devote all my energy to one obsession. But for many people, nutrition can become an obsession and I believe that is far different than a passion. For some individuals, food and eating is the purpose of life and all activities and efforts are dedicated to food. People go to bed thinking about food and wake up thinking about food. It's a fear that people who constantly think about food are not truely living their life to the fullest. People often watch the clock not for when they get to leave work but rather for when they are "allowed&

Monday Product Review

I like to surround myself with people who give me energy, not take it away from me. More so, I enjoy a sense of balance in my life so that I have the ability to control my choices and feel good about how I make the most of my days here on earth. There is a lot of information available on the internet, in magazines and on TV and it can be very confusing and overwhelming. Because much of the information that people believe and attempt to apply to every day lifestyle choices is from individuals with strong personalities and promising claims, I thank you for coming to Trimarni as a resource for realistic, practical and sound advice. There are a lot of "experts" out there and it is my goal in life (and in my career) to help others meet nutrition, performance, body composition and life goals with balance in mind. In reference to my own life, aside from a long history with formal education, I have used every day of my life to learn to appreciate my body and what it allows me to