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Honor your hunger

    Our society loves to focus on foods that we should eat but rarely do we address the lifestyle that could be affecting our food choices and habits.   Often do I hear people saying that they don't have time....time to strength train/stretch, time to cook, time to sleep.   But if you are sick - how can you work? But, if you are injured - how can you workout or race? But if you are exhausted - how can you make smart choices, be productive and be consistent in life?    source When you think about a hunger scale, it's evident where we should be staying with our body when it comes to identifying the biological hunger cues for eating as well as when to finish a meal. So when someone speaks about not eating x-y-z food because it is bad or regretting eating too much at once, it may be helpful to refer to this scale..... or the lifestyle. I don't believe in bad foods. I think our society has it all wrong when they talk about how bloating, feeling lethar

3 Holiday creations - hummus, barley mint apple salad and fruit pizza

My favorite part about the holiday season is being around family. But like any holiday, memories are typically being created when food is involved. And when it comes to the holiday season, I couldn't believe more in my saying that "if you eat well most of the time you don't have to worry about the rest of the time."  I will never diet, fast, cleanse or detox before during or after the holiday.... or anytime of the year. EVER. Despite enjoying occasional treats and eats, the same relationship with food and my body alongside the same tips and tools are carried with me during the holiday meals. I'm not alone in this, for both Karel and I love traditional foods around the holiday and neither one of us want to be served anything sugar-free, fat-free or anything that has some restricted word in front of it. Don't tell me what I am not eating - tell me what I get to enjoy. We do not leave our meals feeling stuffed, horrible or miserable but instead, we smile bec

Accepting a failed racing performance

When I met Karel in 2006, I knew him as a corner hoping, crash dodging, race in the hurt-box type of guy. In other words, I feel in love with a cyclist.  For a little over 6 years, I watched Karel race all over the east coast as a cat 1 cyclist. There were times when he would be on the podium, other times when he would just be happy he hung on to finish the race. There would be times when he missed a break and would have to settle for a sprint in the mid pack and times when he would be stuck behind a crash and his race would be over. No matter how good he felt going into his races, the tactics of cycling can be just as exciting as  they are frustrating.  Karel's transition to triathlons in the summer of 2012 meant that Karel was embarking on a new challenge. Not only with his fitness but also with learning about the sport of triathlons.  Karel brings a very interesting thought-process to the sport of triathlons and he owes a lot of it to his 20+ career of rac

Lately in the off-season - workouts and creations

After a 3-week break from structure and giving my body the rest it needed from triathlon specific training, I am enjoying the transition to structured training. However, there will be no run-blocks in my training, no running races to train for and no extreme changes from "normal" tri training. I am a triathlete and swim-bike-run is my lifestyle. There's a lot of work to be done this off-season and base period in order to ensure that my body is strong enough to withstand the training and racing load that I choose to put on myself in 2014. This is the time to work on imbalances and weaknesses with the body and to also maintain balance so that I do not peak too early and so I reduce risk for injury and burnout. In the next week and a half, we will be launching our newest service which is a 5-week Transition Phase triathlon training plan. There will be more on this soon but Karel and I and our athletes will be following a very similar plan to address areas that can make f