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It's just Sat afternoon and I am pooped for the weekend. Another windy Saturday but I was happy to wear my sleeveless Hammer bike top to work on my arm tan lines. I rode 71 miles w/ 3 x 50 min intervals w/ 10 min recovery. It went by fast until the last hour when I was getting hot, worried about my run and feeling tired. Luckily, the 26 min run felt great. After I did my run, it was time for Campy's run. We ran 1 mile together (10 min, including a few pee stops..for Campy) and finally at noon I was done! Literally, done! Time for the smoothie! This afternoon my parents and I (they are in town..yay!!) and Campy went to Riverside in Downtown Jacksonville for the festival of arts. There were lots of booths, vendors and dogs! Campy was really good but he did have a few barks. We found Campy's little brother who was only 6 months old...they were twins, too cute! Well, I have a few pics for the past week. The first pics are of Campy in my dad's Corvette. It was a special trea

Big Holiday Weekend!

Passover started on the 8th (for all my jewish friends and my immediate family) and easter is this weekend. I am sure you are thinking about the eating and not so much the holiday...right? Ok, so maybe there are people out there that enjoy time with friends and family but from most of the emails I have been receiving, I am enjoying helping people with fears of lunches, dinners, brunches and way too much chocolate candy. Use the following tips as a way to control your food intake at an upcoming party in order to feel satisfied with your food choices and not compromise your training (and physique). 1) Eat a protein breakfast Instead of your daily high fiber, complex carbohydrate breakfast of oatmeal, toast or bagel, think protein. If you are training first thing in the morning this weekend, have your normal pre-training breakfast. Afterwards, think protein. The common foods to bring to an event often involve carbohydrates and not the good kinds. Because there is nothing wrong with enjoyi

My head hurts

I've been so busy I have a nagging headache that won't go away. Actually, it really isn't a headache because my head just hurts from too much thinking. I've been working on my dietetic internship packet for over 3 straight weeks and I am so ready to turn it in! I am not submitting the packet until Sept when I apply to the Mayo Clinic for a possible internship but I have a deadline on the 14th for my dietetic course. Almost finished! I've been swamped with nutrition and coaching which I prioritize over everything else in my life. I LOVE helping people with training and I love answering questions. More so, I love the results people have when we finally figure out the best way to use food for fuel. I am so lucky to have found my passion (and purpose) in life. I had a great time with my parents and I put in a few great days of training. Sunday I was feeling good and met up with the Gearlink group for a 72 mile ride. Afterwards, I had planned to run 20 min alone before r