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Yes, we like to wear funny hats when we go out to dinner. Karel's birthday was a special day for us. Well, I guess a special day for me! We had a great dinner at the Kobe Japanese Steakhouse (perfect for a vegetarian like me!) and we were in good company with 10 of our closest friends in the area. People who we ride with and have been part of my life since I started cycling with Gearlink. After an entertaining dinner and yummy food (yes-tofu and veggies can be yummy) the restaurant crew embarassed Karel by singing happy birthday to him and making him wear the funny hat. The atmosphere in the restaurant was just perfect and there was a lot of noise, clapping and laughs from people at the other tables who were enjoying their dinners. As we waiting for the bills, Karel stood up at our table and thanked our friends for coming and spending his b-day with him. Next, he looked at me and thanked me, as his girlfriend, for planning the dinner. Then, the unexpected came! He next mentioned th