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Belgium Waffle Ride NC recap - 131 miles of gravel

On June 10th, we participated in the 2023 Belgium Waffle Ride NC. Appropriately named "The Hell of the East" and "The Most Scenic Race in the World" the 131-mile course was scenic, challenging and fun. This was my first "real" gravel event and my first time participating in a BWR event. Karel participated in the inagural event in 2021 (which was a shorter distance). We knew most of the race course as we only live ~45 minutes from the event venue (Kanuga) but the three private (un)roads kept us on our toes....literally. These rocky, rooty segments were so steep that we were often hiking our bikes up the unrideable sections. But that added to the "fun" of the event. We covered 14,692 feet, which included long uphills and flowing descends and rode on rocks, roots, gravel (of course), road, single track, sand and grass. We even biked through a barn! The course was well-marked, the volunteer and police support was great and all participants were enco

Project Iceman Documentary

  I love motivational documentaries. Especially when the documentary focuses on an athletic attempt or accomplishment. I love feeling inspired by others who take on impossible missions to prove that anything is possible. If you aren't familiar with YES THEORY , this group of discomfort seekers are exceptional at documenting deep connections and life's greatest moments. I enjoy watching travel volggers and I've really enjoyed watching the videos from YES THEORY. Thanks to YES THEORY, I learned about Project Iceman and I was instantly hooked. I have watched every video that Anders put out during this project, which started in 2017. To summarize this documentary, Anders completed the unthinkable..... Swimming 3.9 km in ice water in Antarctica Biking 180 km in ice and snow Running 42.2 km on the glacial surface "Anders Hofman was the first ever human to ever attempt and complete a long distance triathlon in Antarctica (3.8 km swim, 180 km bike, 42.2 km run), “the Iceman

Bob and Brad Q2 Mini Portable Massager Gun

  A few weeks I received an email from someone at the marketing team of Bob and Brad (Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck). Their names sounded familiar and when I did a quick google search, I realized I had watched several of their videos. The lady who reached out to me asked if I would be interested in trying out the Q2 mini massage gun in exchange for writing a review on my blog. Although we already have a massage gun (along with a plethora of other recovery tools), I liked the idea of a compact device that would be perfect for our upcoming travels.  After receiving the kit, I was pleasantly surprised by the nicely designed gun. It was sleek, simple, well-designed and light (0.95 lb). There are 5 different massage heads to be used for different muscle groups. The gun is very quiet and there are five different speeds. We use it on the highest speed. Compared to other (more expensive) massage guns on the market, the speeds are very similar. Despite the small size of this