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Your must-have, go-to lists

What happens when you have an off-day (or start to the day)? What happens when you feel like you can't stick to your routine/schedule no matter how hard you try? What happens when life happens and you just feel off? And what happens if this happens month after month no matter how hard you try to do your best? It can be frustrating and you may find yourself wanting to quit on your goals, wait for a better time to start something or search for a quick-fix to get back to your routine.  If this is you, then you need to make a list of your "go-to" items.  Something that makes you feel good even when times are busy, you are tired, emotional, feeling "off" or stressed.  I want you to create a go-to list of the following items so that you never have to feel as if you are not making progress. I have also attached some helpful links to help get you started.  1) Have a go-to meal when you are super busy/tired that you can prepare in less th

2015 diet tip: Channel your energy

Channel your energy  It's crazy, right? You know that we are all different as human beings. No two people are the same. Yet it's so easy to compare your life to someone else's.  Over the years, the comparison issue has gotten worse thanks to social media making it so easy to see what everyone is doing, all the time (even those that you are "friends" with but have never even met). So now is a great time to sift through your social media outlets and channel your energy to only positive, feel-good, inspiring people who can guide you in your journey and keep you motivated and inspired. It's ok if you don't know those people - just make sure that your "network" (including blogs, forums, websites, etc.) is giving you realistic, practical and helpful information and doesn't cause you to point out your individual flaws/imperfections (which merely make you unique and individual). Only you can decide what is best for you and your journe

2015 diet plans

Hello 2015!!! The best time of the year to start a diet!!  Big feast, lots of treats/sweets, off your typical routine.  You have gone a bit overboard and now feel as if you have sinned with overindulgence or enough is enough and you are tired of your flaws and you have self-criticized yourself enough that you now have all the motivation in the world to finally start that diet plan.  Sure, these are all things associated with the holiday season but they are also associated with individuals who seek diets.  And let me tell you about diets these days...they are all over the place in terms of the rules, guidelines and promises that they make.  What's always the same?  They offer best-seller books and cookbooks because the media loves the attention that the diet is getting. You know about the diet because it's all over social media. Of course, those who aren't on the diet don't talk about it and those not on social media, well, they are

2015 Trimarni kits - the store is OPEN!!!!

After months of imagination, design, formatting and tweaking...... the 2015 Trimarni kits are ready for your awesome body in motion!! The Trimarni store is now OPEN!! Karel did an AMAZING job designing the kits and Canari really did an excellent job helping Karel get his vision/design come to life.  And, we could not be more excited to have the support of some small and large businesses who believe in Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition.  ONE-TIME ORDER!! As much as we wish we could offer our kits year-round, we are not in the clothing business so our custom clothing is a once-a-year, one-time deal.  For the past two years, we have offered our kits to the public (and not just to the Trimarni coaching athletes) and we just love seeing our kits in action on race day, on all bodies, of all fitness levels. We know that it's easy to not feel in "racing mode" right now and you may unintentionally pass up this offer. But believe us when we say that your rac

Smashed apple and cream cheese stuffed pumpkin spiced crepes

Crêpes - very thin pancakes.  What a perfect post workout meal.   Depending on the filling, this is a perfect option for athletes/fitness enthusiasts who struggle with overeating/undereating post workout. Crepes are not too heavy or light so it fits the bill when it comes to a perfect carbohydrate-rich meal to go along with your recovery drink (or post-workout protein choice like yogurt, eggs, cottage cheese or lean meat). Plus, you can make these ahead of time, let them cool and the refrigerate them for easy prep after your workout.  Although crepes may not be typical in your cooking resume, they are super easy to make. Essentially, they are like thin pancakes, made with a runny/soupy batter.  Karel is all too familiar with crepes as they are very popular in Europe - much more so than traditional American pancakes.  During my long run yesterday, I had 10 running miles to create this delicious creation in my head. While running in on and off cold drizzling rain