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Salad Boosters

I just LOVE salads. Not a fan of iceberg lettuce, cucumbers and croutons but rather my super-filling and heart-healthy salads that leave me satisfied and happy. Salads can certainly be non-filling and extremely low in calories. There tends to be a stigma with salads that if you eat one you are either a vegetarian or you are on a diet.... or both. An an endurance athlete, vegetarian, future RD and someone who values her health, my goal is to get people excited about salads as an easy way to bump up the number of servings of fruits/veggies consumed in one day. I believe you should feel confident when eating your salad, especially around other people. However, it's important, as an active athlete/fitness enthusiast, that your salad is exciting and a source of fuel for upcoming workouts. Many people struggle with preparing and enjoying salads because 1) the salad is not filling 2) the salad is not enjoyable. Because volume can fake a feeling of fullness, it is important to create a ba

Happy DAY!

It's National Registered Dietitian Day!!! With only 6 more weeks and 24 more days of interning (after this week) I will be eligible for the National Registered Dietitian Exam!! I'm sure you are noticing that I am super excited for this next stage in my life. This has been quite a journey, not to mention my long days that start at 4:30am (morning workout), proceed to 10 hours of interning and end with a yummy meal + studying...but that's ok, this is only one chapter in my life and I don't like moving on to other chapters without giving my all to previous chapters. So here's to all the fabulous dietitian's out there (and future dietitians) for taking the necessary steps to earn those two meaningful letters that let the world know that you are qualified to provide nutrition-related advice. From The American Dietetic Association proudly announces the fourth annual Registered Dietitian Day. As the nation's food and nutrition experts, registered dieti

Protein requirements underestimated

Don't you just love knowing what's new in research. I really enjoyed reading my latest issue of Vegetarian Nutrition and wanted to share some great research with you. Enjoy! Evidence that protein requirements have been significantly underestimated Elango, R., Humayun, M.A., Ball, R.O., Pencharz, P.B., Curr Opin Clin NUtr Metab Care . 2010; 13: 52-7 Researches associated with FAO/WHO reviewed recent evidence suggesting that protein requirements in adults have been underestimated. The current DRI recommendations for mean and population safe intakes of .66 and .8g/kg/d respectively of high quality protein in adults are based on a meta-analysis of nitrogen balance studies using single linear regression analysis. When the data were reanalyzed using two-phase linear regression analysis, mean and safe protein requirements were estimated to be .91 and .99 g/kg/d respectively. The two phase linear regression analysis is considered more appropriate for biological analysis of dose-respon

Life is a Race

I often think of my life as a race. How do you view your life? Whenever you start something new, it is a bit scary and exciting, all at the same time. Everything seems to go really well at the beginning and in a weird way, you crave more of it. You find yourself giving more than you should and you want to hold back but you just can't. Eventually you find yourself a little tired from the extra effort but you are just so happy and excited and you forget about all those fears that you had from before you started. Somewhere in the race you have a low point but it is easy to get over it. You certainly don't want to quit so early in the game so you find that inner strength and bounce right back. Things start to get a little hard and you find yourself getting tired..both mentally and physically. You are nearing the end of the race and you just don't know if you have enough in you to finish. You would never quite but the words "can't" and "quit" keep popping