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Pre-race nutrition tips: Running

Picture taken by  Stefanie S. Less than 1 mile from the 2011 Ironman World Championship finishing line. I couldn't smile any face hurt just as much as my body. There was no secret or magical food that allowed me to finish the  2011 Ironman World Championships  but rather a body that was trained to perform.  Choosing the wrong foods, eating at the wrong time or eating too much (or not enough) may negatively affect your racing performance in training and racing. And without a doubt, I'm sure you don't want your training to go to waste on race day. Isn't racing all about putting the training to the test?  So, what should we be looking for when it comes to pre-race foods? The research behind the pre-race meal (on race day) is to make sure your fuel tanks are full by the start of the race. You should have plenty of fuel in your muscles by reducing your training volume (or tapering) before a race and sticking to a well-planed race

Do you eat with your hands?

I came across this fantastic article in  Food and Nutrition Magazine  and I suddenly became really excited to cook. Although I am not a trained cook, I really enjoy being in my kitchen as a way to fuel my lifestyle and workout routine. But this article was more than just stimulating to the eye but also motivating and inspiring. So many foods for flavor...and endless possibilities on how to use them. I then started to's too bad that children don't learn more about food science, culinary skills and farming in school...or by their parents at a very young age. Imagine yourself now if you had a few class in kindergarten where you grew your own produce. Then in middle school you had a food science class where you learned about how foods are created, how they react with other foods and how they can modified or changed in the processing process. And then, in high school you had culinary classes. Classes were you made your own dinner (in school) or learned how to proper

This is why I do Triathlons

As a coach and an athlete, I feel inspired by others on a daily basis. I try to do my best on a daily basis to inspire others by encouraging others to focus on personal goals and dreams. My friend and fellow Oakley Women Ambassador  Fitz is an amazing woman and she has accomplished so much when it comes to inspiring others (specifically children) to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Fitz is using her social media platform and credentials/education as a way to inspire others and it was a great pleasure of mine to fill out her questionnaire as to "THIS IS MY WHY" in relation to my sport of choice.  The questions she asked made me think but they also made me recognize why I love to get up every morning to push my body, train smart, fuel well and to live an active lifestyle. If you know me well, you know that my life is not perfect and I have dealt with injuries with my hip and back for over 6 years.I have had setbacks due to my educational career as well as plenty

Weekend recap and Glow Run 5K

Wind and cold. It was a fun weekend on the bike. Saturday morning I met up with the Lodge group ride and after the ride had finished, I had Karel, Shawn B. and Saswata pull me around for 1 more loop in Nocatee before I called it a morning. 3 hours of riding and my legs loved every minute of it. The only way to get faster is to ride with faster people so I am always happy to find  a wheel to draft of off as it only makes me a better cyclist. Sunday was a bit colder and the wind was blowing strong. I rode with Karel and Jerry for around 2 hours and they were riding steady which meant I was riding uncomfortably steady. But all good fun and I dressed well so it didn't make me think twice about being outside in the fresh air vs being outside on the trainer.  Post ride breakfast on Saturday - one of my favorites. Egg omelet (2 whites + 1 whole egg mixed with a spoonful greek yogurt, instead of milk). Inside included sauteed kale and onions in olive oil. Seasoned with garlic