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Pre-race nerves

Tomorrow I will be racing a 10K with Karel. The Native Sun 10K in Mandarin, just a few miles down the road. I'm super excited for the race and I've worked really hard to break 40 minutes. I've trained my body and my mind and tomorrow I will give it my best effort. It's going to hurt all over, my body is going to want to quit around mile 4 and my mind will try to tell me that I can't do it for the last mile. No race is without a battle between the mind and body throughout the race but I've learned that although we (as athletes) have a lot to face on race day, there are a few things that we can control on the days leading up to a race. As a long-time athlete, I've experienced all types of pre-race nerves. From swimming competitively in High School in order to do well at State Championships to swimming in college and not letting down my teammates in order to qualify for Nationals. Then, in racing in my first triathlon, my first marathon, my first half Iro

In case you missed it....

Wow - can you believe it is almost Thanksgiving? Time is flyiiiiiinnnnngggg by and before we know it, 2013 will be here!!! Any big plans for 2013? Since November just started and is almost finished, I wanted to provide you with a few things, in case you missed it. First off...another pic of Campy sleeping. I can never get enough of him and never will I say I have too many pictures of Campy. Thankfully, I don't only take pictures of Campy but I make memories with him. This was after he ran a 5:40 min/mile (for half a mile) with Karel at the end of our long run on Sunday. Apparently, I have been running too slow for Mr. Greyhound. In the Winter 2012 issue of Food & Nutrition Magazine, there was a product in the "New Product" section on pg 8. that caught my eye. PlanetBox - Stainless steel, BPA-free, bento-style lunchbox This box is designed for adults and kids and its three compartments hold a variety of foods in thoughtful portion sizes.   Last

The Plant-Powered Diet - book review teaser

  More info : HERE As a long-time reader of Environmental Nutrition ,  I was very excited to receive an email from Sharon Palmer's PR agent who asked if I would like to receive a free copy of her new book. I will be honest in saying that it's been many, many years since I have picked up a "nutrition" book as much of my time (and money) has been used educating myself on topics of nutrition and sport nutrition thanks to lectures from professors, school, conferences, journals, research and real-world experience. Hands down, there's no better truth in understanding the relationship between food and exercise than training for and participating in an Ironman event (140.6 miles). Additionally, as much as I love reading credible research, it isn't until I step foot in the hospital and see trends among patients, that I begin to understand the beautiful relationship between the body and lifestyle choices.   I took advantage of this opportunity to read a book

Fruit pizza and recent training update

And you thought muffins were my only baking creation? Ok, so it's nothing spectacular to look at it but sure does taste delicious!!! Who loves fruit pizza???     One of my favorites for a party or a holiday, I love making fruit pizza with seasonal fruits. This is a super easy dessert that is always a crowd pleaser. Of course, we all know that if it has fruit in the name, it has to be healthy right??? :)   3/4th -1 package chocolate chip or sugar cookie dough (depending on the size of your round baking dish) Seasonal fruit (I recommend 3-4 options, chopped) - I used canned pineapple, pears, apple. If you use banana, be aware the banana will brown w/ leftovers (however leftovers are the best with this recipe!) Optional: raisins, cranberries (as pictured), nuts, seeds Whipped cream cheese (plain) or strawberry 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 2. Spray pan with non stick spray. 3. Gently press cookie dough in pan to form a small layer (about the size of two tic-ta