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Eat real food - stop the off-limit food list(s)

I eat for fuel and for health. Food also tastes good when I eat it. When I finish a meal, I feel satisfied and even better than when I started the meal feeling hungry. I do not feel that food controls my life. I can travel, experience good/bad changes in life and keep a smile on my face all because food enhances my lifestyle and keeps me well.  Bike riding from Znojmo Czech Republic to Retz Austria.  I didn't develop an appreciation for real food overnight and I also did not develop the ability to plan ahead and be creative in the kitchen overnight.  The bottom line is that I have goals for my active body and expectations for my healthy body. I can't make memories doing this...... Without making the time and appreciating this.... A visit to the  farmers market in Znojmo, Czech Republic. Think about the last time you felt stressed, mad or overwhelmed. How about when your fitness/training routine didn't go as planned. What abou

Reflect, Rejuvenate, Refuel - it's the off-season!

I'm currently finalizing the last parts of the newest pre-built plan at Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition. The Trimarni 5-week off season transition phase training plan includes 5 weeks of strength training, hip/core work, specific workouts for swim, bike and run to improve form and efficiency as well as 5 weeks of nutrition tips!! This plan has taken a while to put together but I am so excited to offer it to athletes and fitness enthusiasts in the next few weeks to help everyone improve the chance of having a great consistent 2014 season. In the mean time...enjoy my latest article from my monthly column at Reflect, Rejuvenate, Refuel in the Off-Season By Marni Sumbal, MS, RD, LD/N Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition, LLC Hard works feels amazing when it pays off. Although training for an event can be hard on the body,  the positive energy that you receive at a finish line is worth all the sacrifices.   It's important that your off-season compliments

Triathlon season planning - top 10 tips

I grew up traveling a lot.  My parents sacrificed a lot for my brother and I to do what we loved with our bodies. Almost every weekend, we would be at a swim meet or gymnastic meet.  This is a video of my amazing younger brother Aaron (University of Michigan gymnastics team) performing his high bar routine at the 2007 Big Ten Championships in his senior year. After this routine, he became the 2007 Big Ten High Bar Champion.  What a rock star! Still so proud of him! Almost 10 years since I graduated from college where I swam competitively all through College , I still enjoy traveling to race....or I guess you could say that I LOVE to race to travel.  So - for next season, Karel and I have decided on four key races to take our love of traveling to the next level as we use our active bodies to cross finishing lines in new places.  MAY 4th, 2014 - Me and Karel June 1st, 2014 - Karel (I will spectate/sherpa) June 29th, 2014 - Me and Karel

3-week off season break - recap

There's nothing more rewarding than resting the body after the hard work is over. When it comes to training the body for a start and finish line, it's important to understand that physiological adaptations are being made through pushing the body. Training is not exercise. We must all exercise for health benefits and for weight control. That's proven through good research. We do not have to run marathons, do an Ironman or even run in a 5K to be healthy. But there's nothing more rewarding than setting a goal, working hard for a goal and then being able to let your mind be the only limiter on race day. Having a healthy and strong body is a gift and often something that is very much appreciated during exercise. Therefore, although we do not have to pay money to participate in an event in order to be healthy, it is a great feeling to finish what you started when you had an idea to accomplish something with an active body.  The past three weeks were amazing. I did no

IMFL - Proud coach and inspired spectator

We ran 2.5 miles from our homestay to watch the IMFL swim start.  We couldn't wait to see our friends and athletes start their Ironman day. A day that was months in the making and the culmination of many miles and hours of training. Most people would say that the Ironman distance triathlons is hard. Absolutely.  But getting to the starting line is one of the most rewarding experiences that any athlete can receive.  Although choppy waters, the day was absolutely perfect for PR's and great performances. There is no "easy" Ironman course or day so the understanding is that for those who are mentally strong, they are the ones who can take their trained body to the finish line knowing that it won't be easy - BUT it will be worth it.  With soaked shoes and socks, standing in calf high water, we waited to see our athletes finish the first loop of the two loop swim course. I couldn't believe that Karel could spot so many of our friends and athlet