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Good laugh

Everyone must create a video...Hilarious! Thanks Bridget for making this for me!!! Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

Balancing Science and Common Sense

I'm 24 days away from starting my dietetic internship and 11 months away from my hopeful and anticipated finish of my last educational part of becoming a Registered Dietitian (of course, the learning never stops). Not sure how stressful and overwhelming it will be to study for the National Registered Dietitian Exam but I really look forward to the next year of my day at a time. As you can imagine, training for Ironman Wisconsin on Sept 12, 2010, a week after finishing my community nutrition rotation and a few days after starting my food service/production rotation, is going to require time-management and discipline at its finest. My goal for IMWI is to qualify for Kona 2011 so I am creating a training plan that will work on my weakness's, strengthen my strengths and keep me entertained and having fun, all while preventing injury (always a #1 goal with endurance/speed training) and burnout/overtraining. I've managed sports and education all my life, but in years

Living in the now...

I've been a competitive triathlete for the past 5 years. I did my first half at 24 years old (in the baby division) and now at 28, I wonder why I didn't start this sport any sooner in my life! Sure, I've been an athlete for most of my life (swimmer at the age of 12) but the training for triathlons is completely different than the training for swimming (my specialty events were 100 breastroke, 200 butterfly and 200 IM). In the 5 years of being a triathlete, I've learned so much about myself. I've learned how to overcome obstacles, how to better manage my time, how to become mentally and physically strong, how to overcome fears and how most of all, how much I LOVE the lifestyle of being a triathlete. With the completion of 3 Ironman's (IMFL, Kona, IMKY), 5 Half Ironman distances (IMFL 70.3 and Rock N' Rollman), 3 Marathons, a handful of half marathons and lots of triathlons and running races, I've enjoyed every race and every experience. I feel lucky and b

The Grid

I LOVE LOVE LOVE recovering from workouts. It's a beautiful thing to push the body and then get stronger after the hard work is done. But as much as I love a shower and my post-workout smoothie + meal, I also love watching my body get stronger after workouts. Sure, I can't always physically feel or see my body getting more powerful, stronger or faster but workout after workout, I know it is happening. There is nothing worse than feeling sore after a workout and not being able to give 100% to the next workout. There is nothing wrong with the fitness enthusiast exercising for the caloric burn but in my opinion, your workout will become boring if you do the same thing every day just to burn calories. Tip: if you do the same thing, the body will become very efficient. Even if you lose weight at the beginning, the body will burn less calories for the same workout unless you change up your activity routine. If you want to increase your calorie burn without focusing on how many calor

Quick dinner eats

Are you starving when you come home from work? Do you have time to make dinner after an evening workout? Do you even consider cooking a healthy and balanced meal when fast food, processed food, frozen food or canned food is the quickest option to getting something into your stomach and getting your blood sugar back to normal? Planning healthy and balanced meals is not always easy. However, it does take some planing and thinking ahead. While you could try preparing 4-5 weekday meals on the weekend, it is likely that the weekend is just as busy as your week. Even if you find yourself with less to-do's on the weekend, it is likely that you deserve a little R&R (or training with no responsibilities to follow). Both Karel and myself have been known to prepare meals well before dinner time. Although I typically do the dinner cooking around 5-6pm (Karel works 'til 7pm so we eat around 7;15-7:30, however, on the weekends we usually eat around 5:30ish), Karel typically makes his lun

Race pics - Rock N' Rollman Half

Thanks to my official photographer Karel for snapping pics before, during and after the race. Karel managed to get in some hill training while I was on the bike course and got some pics of me in action. Enjoy!