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Ironman Lake Placid RR: 2.4 mile swim

2.4 mile swim Back in Feb 2013, I traveled to Utah with Oakley Women  for a product testing trip on the beautiful snowy mountains at Snowbird resort.  As a swimmer all my life, I would consider myself more of a fish than a snow bunny but I am all about trying new things. I have had the opportunity to snowboard several times in my life and I always love the challenge of strapping in my feet and gliding down a mountain. But if I were to race in snowboarding, I wouldn't do very well and probably would be too scared to start. I could probably improve my skills if I snowboarded more often, worked with an experienced instructor and developed a passion for snow more than water, but I will be honest and say that I am not a great snowboarder and I am just happy with my ability to have fun and get down a mountain in one piece (although sometimes with a sore butt afterwards).  In life, we have many opportunities to step outside of our comfort zone but like most people,

Recovering from an endurance event

So, the work is done....... It's time to celebrate!!! Ok, this was day #2 after the Ironman as veggies were not on my mind the day after racing 140.6 miles. The first day post Ironman included our first "real" meal since Saturday evening at the Lake Placid pub for lunch. A veggie burger with fries for me and a real burger w/ fries for Karel. I just love how the body craves fat and salt after an endurance event and I am happy to feed it whatever it wants for it sure does taste perfect post race. Athletes often love racing not just for the finisher medal but for the post race treats.... which are absolutely enjoyed the best when celebrating a major accomplishment and giving the body exactly what it is craving. But after 2-3 days, it's time to get back to the normal routine in terms of eating...that is, if you have discovered what is normal for your body to maintain optimal health and to help with recovery after your recent endurance feat.  E

Ironman Lake Placid RR: IM Prep and pre-race

Ironman prep (If you do not want to read my recap of our Ironman prep, scroll down to the bottom for pre-race) If you could work less hours and get all your tasks completed in less time and still get paid the same amount, would you? If you took a road trip and could drive an easier route to your final destination, instead of one that was of more difficulty, but still arrive to the same place at the same time, would you? If you could study for an exam a little every day for a few months and get a B+, instead of cramming it all in over 2 weeks and get a B-, would you? As athletes, I find we think differently than many people. For when you finish a race and your garmin lets you know that the race course was shorter than advertised, you are quick to let others know, almost as if you are disappointed that you didn’t go the full distance (albeit, likely it was a matter of tenths but still it matters). But when a race course is long, it’s easy to complain and let others know

Ironman Lake Placid RR - never give up

It seems logical to write a race report starting with the beginning of the race and then progress to the finish. But I want to do things a little bit different this time around for my 6th Ironman. One thing I have learned throughout the past 7 years since starting endurance racing, is that patience, hard work and commitment can bring an athlete very far in his/her fitness, let alone with reaching personal goals. It doesn't matter if you are an athlete racing for a finishing line or a fitness enthusiast that wants to workout for health and fitness, if you want something in life you have to work for it but most importantly, you can't give up when things get tough. Life is not easy and as an athlete for most of my life, I often use similar tools for getting through life and sports as life brings obstacles, just like sports and if you don't have the right mindset, you get yourself no where.  I am sore, exhausted and drained. But it was all worth it. Yes, in some crazy

2013 Ironman Lake Placid FINISHERS!

You know the saying that sometimes words can't describe what you are feeling. This is not that time. But just in case, I have videos to help. My quads are killing me, I am in love with the Ironman Lake Placid bike and swim course, the spectators, volunteers and athletes were amazing, I absolutely love what I can make my body do when I train it to perform, I never realize how strong my mind can be until I need it to be strong, I love creating memories with Karel and sharing experiences with other athletes, my quads are killing me (oh - I already said that), I am so grateful to have another IM finish to my name, I never thought I could dig so deep before, cheers from the crowd can be so energy-giving, my husband is amazing. Sunday was a great day for both Karel and myself. Sure, we trained hard for this day but the day was all about execution, perseverance, determination, confidence and the understanding that we choose to do this and we can do this with our body. There was