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T or F: Healthy Living answers

I hope you enjoyed my blog  from yesterday as well as the video on my HeartWise TV segment with News4Jax. Since four-minutes leaves very little time to talk about all my helpful tips for healthy living, here is the extending version for your reading pleasure.... 1) T or F: You have to exercise 1 hour  a day to have a healthy heart? 2) T or F: To lose weight and to be healthy you have to avoid sugar and salt? 3) T or F: You have to eat only whole grains on a healthy diet? 4 T or F: To help your heart, eating, body composition and sleep habits you need to manage stress? 5) T or F: You have to be a vegetarian to be healthy? 6) T or F: Portion control is the most important thing in a healthy eating plan? 1) FALSE Research says that all you need is ~150 minutes of moderate intensity activity  a week to improve health and quality of life (Yes triathletes/runners - that is per week, not one workout). However, because of our very sedentary lifestyle, I encourage people to move as mu

True or False: Healthy Living

It's kinda interesting how a LIVE TV segment is very similar to someone who is wanting to make lifestyle changes.  On TV - it is very rushed. You just never feel like you have enough time and you can't cover every topic as planned. There are delays and things can go wrong but yet you just have to carry on and make the best of everything. I really enjoy being on TV for that very reason....I just have to do the best I can with the time available, hoping that it was enough to allow at least one person to feel like they can walk away with something practical and realistic in terms of info to change their lifestyle.  When I was becoming a RD, I quickly learned that it is not my job to tell people everything I know. First off, experience is key in my field and I can't tell you how awesome it is to be a clinical RD. I learn so much every time I work and although I feel more and more comfortable at the hospital every time I am there, I still have a long way to go...just

Quick update...

A few updates since my mind and muscles have been staying busy lately....     Campy is still cute as those ears!   What a yummy creation! Grilled eggplant with mixed veggies (corn, onions, spinach) and  topped with grilled tempeh and pistachios. Delicious!   Karel just got a new toy! The Garmin 510 which replaced his Garmin 500 Edge. I love the edge on my bike but just hearing about the features of the 510, I'm hoping that with a few more yummy creations, I will have a 510 on my bike as well :) What's great about the 510 is that the touchscreen Garmin 510  is compatible with your smartphone for instant uploads to Garmin Connect and live tracking. Once Karel plays around with it for a while, I will write a review on it.     Speaking of Karel, he joined thousands of runners (and 4 of my amazing Trimarni Coaching athletes) in Jacksonville for the Donna 26.2 Half and Full Marathon. Karel ran the half marathon and placed 9th overall male a

My secret fueling strategy: gel flask

It's really no secret as I have been using a gel flask for the past few years and if you read my race reports you will notice that I keep my fueling regime as simple as possible. Simple so that I can properly digest and absorb my liquid sport nutrition which is planned based on my racing duration and intensity. Above is me running the fastest run split of the day at Branson 70.3 ...fueled with 2 gels in my gel flask, topped with water and then consuming water at aid stations. On the bike for longer races and training, I have 3 cages (2 on my frame and 2 in the rear but 1 cage is used for my tubular tire and CO2) with 3 bottles of sport drinks. Because I plan to refill my bottles with water or powdered sport nutrition (Hammer) I like to carry  a gel flask with 1-4 gels topped with water for sipping as needed. In both scenarios (bike and run) I stay hydrated with 20-28 ounces of water but use my sport drink and/or gel for carbohydrates and electrolytes. I have been f