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Ella, welcome to the family.

On August 25th, 2019, we added a new furry member to our family. However, technically our new kitten did not yet belong to us. Here's the emotional story of our sweet Ella. On April 30th, 2019, we said good-bye to our 16-year cat named Smudla . Karel had a really difficult time moving on from the loss of his long-time companion but the sight of any kitten would quickly bring a smile to his face. While nothing could replace the love that he had for Smudla, it was in early July when Karel brought up the idea of getting a new feline family member. I was a bit hesitant as I wasn't sure how Campy and Madison (the seniors in the house) would feel about this new addition. One day in mid August, I was texting with an athlete/friend of ours who lives outside of Atlanta Georgia and fosters kittens. I mentioned to her that when we get back from Kona, we would like to adopt one of her rescue kittens. Karel was interested in a grey kitten and when I mentioned this to our friend, she

13 questions to ask yourself before starting a new diet

→You recently watched a documentary and you are convinced vegan is the right diet for you.  →You've been following the recent health and fitness trends on social media and you are convinced that carbs are evil and keto is the way to go.  →You are ready, more than ever before, to get your diet under control and to get yourself back into good health. Starting tomorrow, you will eliminate all dairy, gluten, sugar, sodium and processed food.  If you are considering a change in your diet, you are not alone. Whether it's for weight loss, body composition changes, health, self-confidence or mental well-being, you may feel that a significant change in your diet is exactly what you need right now in your life. Unfortunantly, a healthy and well-balanced diet is not something that can be rushed. For long term success, quick fix diets are not the answer. In such a food and body obsessed society, dietary extremism seems like the norm. Radical, overnight changes often stem from misl

2020 Marni and Karel Race Schedule

Who's excited to race??? A lot goes into planning our race schedule. This is why we try to establish a clear plan as far in advance as possible. Not only does this help us plan travel/accomodations at reasonable prices (not waiting until the last minute) but for a goal(s) to be reached, races should be strategically planned. Otherwise, the training can not be periodized or structured in a way that can safely induce positive training adaptations and race readiness. In other words, you will either peak too early or feel the need to rush the fitness gaining process. I find that far too many athletes don't put a lot of deep thought into the purpose behind each race on the race calendar. When selecting a race, you first want to give yourself a few short and long term goals (and one or two stretch goals) for what you want to achieve this season and onward. This will help you understand what you want to get out of every race - giving each race a clear purpose. As a general t

2020 Trimarni team races + camp schedule

During my competitive swimming years, I loved showing up to swim practice because I knew it was a time to socialize with my friends. When it came to swim meets, the travel and entire swim meet experience was so much fun because I was with so many of my friends (teammates). While I loved being a swimmer, I couldn't imagine spending nearly a decade of my life swimming alone or going to a swim meet with so many unfamiliar faces. There’s no better feeling than being part of a team. Not every age group triathlete gets to experience this as much of the training (and racing) is done alone or with only a small group of individuals. Within a team, you have continuous support from others, which lifts and elevates your performance to a level that you never thought was possible. Alone, you have to find your own source of motivation. As a triathlete, although you may compete as an individual, there's a lot more to enjoy on race day when you are racing with your teammates. This is